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The perfect bag !!!

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After testing dozens of bags and backpacks from all the major brands, I can say that I have found the perfect messenger bag for my photographic equipment. It's black, discreet, doesn't look like a photography bag, is lightweight, has a rear opening and a magnetic opening and closing system, which is secure and quiet. It fits my XT4 with the Tamron 17-70mm with the lens hood on, plus the 50-140mm or 70-300 and there is still room for another lens/flash.
I'm sure it's the perfect bag!!!!

I'm talking about the Think Tank SpeedTop 15. 


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I too found the perfect bag just today after 40+ years of photography and possibly 20+ bags. 

Tenba Axis 16L. I can  hold my 3Legged Thing tripod on the back on molle in the center or inside and still have room for an X-T5 and 3 lenses. Narrow, swings around  like a Lowepro Flipside so not putting it on the ground to swap lenses (I'm a Prime shooter and that's crucial) Looks cool too (multi-cam black)  Happy as a clam. 

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35 minutes ago, kivi said:

Still looking for perfection.

Realistically, it takes the formula  N+1  for so called perfection as if you are like me, you rarely take all your gear on a shoot and find certain bags for 1, 2, 3 or more lenses thus having multiple bags. My perfection post was related to a maximum sized bag. I currently have 4 bags and they all serve different purposes.

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