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Shoulder bag - PD Sling 10, TT Urban Access 10 or ??

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Hi folks -

I am looking for a shoulder bag which can carry the following, be on the lighter side of things and look good while doing so:

- XT body With 23/1.4 attached

- 16/1.4 

- 12/2.0

- 35/1.4

- 16-80/4

Bonus points if it has room for a 75-300 (although if so, i will probably not carry the 35/1.4).


I am ok stacking lenses in a vertical divider, if that makes the bag easier to carry.     At present, i am carrying everything except the 16-80/4 in an Artisan-n-Artist RR04 sling/shoulder bag:


I love this  bag - it is small, it is light and i can carry it all day without getting tired, and is going to remain my preferred camera bag for what I call my essential kit.     But i have realized that there are times when i want the convenience of a zoom, and possibly a long tele for  some landscape shots.     Hence the need for something that can carry a full load.   

I have identified 2 options:   The Peak Design Sling 10L v2 (0.9kg) and the TT Urban Access 10 (0.7kg).    Anything else i should consider that is the same weight or lighter?


On a separate note, do you guys  have any suggestions  for smallish bags (6L size or thereabouts) which have an external pocket to carry a water bottle?





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