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Bag for work and x-pro2

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I work as a teacher and I'm looking for a bag I could carry all my stuff in but also the x-pro2 with the small XF23mmf2 lens.

I miss so many opportunities on my daily commute!

My current satchel type bag is around 35cm x 25cm x 12cm and is often very full. I need to carry quite a lot of paperwork (A4 size max).

Any ideas ?

I like messenger bags and use the Billingham Hadley pro and Ona Astoria regularly. 

Maybe I should get a second hand x100S or T and try and fit it in the front pocket of a bag, the 23mm is quite long...




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You might try the Tenba DNA Messenger Bags. They come in several sizes from small to quite large. I have both the DNA 8 & 13. I often remove the interior padded protection & use a Tenba BYOB insert. One feature I really like is the Top zipper, allowing you to access the contents without pulling up the flap.

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that was exactly my problem - a bag that would serve as both a camera and a work bag (and that I find nice to look at..). What did you end up settling on? I had the ONA Brixton for a while, but in the end, it turned out to be too big for my needs, and therefore too heavy before I put anything in it. Now my niece is doing a design subject at school and needed a client, so she's making the "perfect" bag for me as we speak! Fingers crossed!

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well, it very much depends what you needs are.


It you need to carry around a 15” laptop (I don’t) you can’t escape its dimensions.


Also, if you carry the camera with one lens (even a zoom) it’s a whole different story than carrying a camera several lenses and things that you may need.


I truly hate ( and I have all my long photographic life) to pile up lenses and camera in a small space. All ONA are, for this reason too small for me because the majority of so called messenger bags will need you to, at some point place came and lenses in layers. Of course this means that at some stage you will have to juggle at least three things with one hand ( the camera, the lens above the one you need and the lens under the lens above, which, at some stage or other, you didn’t need as opposed to the one under which is the only one you want).


So My bag of choice is large. Would allow for a laptop ( currently I have no need for it and I have only once had the need for an assignment to carry a laptop to show the journalist the pictures that I was taking for her article). And if I am going to stay away for several days I can also put clothes and other items or simply put all my photographic equipment (and even in such a large case I will end up with a couple of lenses arrayed in a layered fashion.


So my bag of choice (which you can see above) is made of leather,witha waterproof material on the protective flap, large, not incredibly expensive, reasonably waterproof, carries a laptop ( or a change or two of underpants and t shirts for just in case your luggage isn’t there when you arrive) and it is reasonably mistaken for any ordinary piece of luggage.


But yes, it is large, no two ways about it.

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