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  1. Thanks for your message! I always have the back LCD panel on my XPro3 closed, so I didn’t think it would do any previews. But I’ll check the settings of the view mode VF/LCD and do some tests. Thanks again.
  2. Hello, All of a sudden, the image preview function (to preview the image just shot) stopped working when using the optical viewfinder. (Works fine with the EVF). Has anybody had this problem before? Anything I can do short of sending it back? Many thanks! Hani
  3. Hi, My XPro2 had to be sent back for repair under warranty and the problem did not re-appear afterwards. Am disappointed, though, that they did not fix the problem once and for all with the XPro3 Hope this helps...
  4. HI, Just recently the EVF on my xpro2 intermittently fails to replace the OVF when switching between the two (or when on "EVF + eye sensor"). What happens is that the OVF does not disappear and the EVF gets "overlaid" on top and I see two superimposed images, the optical and the electronic. Has anyone had that problem before? I've tried all sorts of settings, switching on and off, but to no avail. Many thanks for any advice / help! Hani
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