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I have recently received a replacement body. The camera appears to be working fine, I just cannot escape the feeling this body produces a bit more noise than the previous one... I have never done someling like this with the previous body, but I wanted to visualize the noise a bit. To do that, I made e picture with the lens cap mounted (not sure if it is 100% closed to light of course).

Settings: f/16,exposure time 10s, ISO 25600, Lens modulation optimizer: off, Long exposure noise reduction: off, Raw development: +3EV, Noise reduction -4, Sharpness: -4, Highlight tone: -2, Shadow tone: -2, Color: +4, DR100, Velvia, sRGB


The resulting jpeg shows a lot of noise (of course), especially toward the top left corner and bottom edge:



I would like to know if other samples show a similar noise level and pattern/if this is 'normal'.

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There appears to be some influence from temperature, I have shot the images again with a 'cold' camera, and noise appears to be lower. For comparison I have also added a shot with base iso of 200 (RAW processing identical)


25600 cold:


200 cold:


I wonder if there are relevant differences between body samples. Probably best to compare with similat temperatures...

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