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Sensor cleaning gone wrong, please help.


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When I bought my XT5 there was a dust particle in its sensor, I hadn't bought a blower at the time and decided to blow air into it, which caused 2 tiny drops of saliva to land on the sensor, I then had to use a q-tip to try and remove it but it left residues, which led me to buy a cleaning kit but as it turns out, it was for LENS. They had a camera drawn so I thought it can be used. Stupid me used the lens cleaner liquid on the sensor (sprayed onto the q-tip and wiped residue) and resulted in a bigger residue. 

AND ON TOP OF ALL THAT, I didn't change any settings or turn my camera on while I attempted to clean it, so now I'm worried about the IBIS and shutter speed etc. or any other major damage this could have done. When I turn the camera on, everything works fine and it's not really obvious in the photos but you can def see the residue spots shade.

My question is, will the sensor cleaning solution still remove the lens solution residue (ingredients: water,isopropyl alcohol, surfactant)?

It's my very first camera. Sorry for my ignorance :( 

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I have used disposable lens cleaning wipes to remove this kind of residue before.  Get the zeiss brand, they tend to work best.  I use a q-tip instead of my finger to push the wipe around because my finger is way too big.  Usually have to do it 3 or 4 times.  Be gentile and slow.  If you get any cotton fuzz from the q-tip in there, use a proper rocket blower to remove that. 

You can also try something like a lensPen. I have one of those too, but generally prefer the wipe method above. 

In the future, to remove dust, I prefer to use an unsized nylon brush.  You use canned air on the brush, and this charges it electrostatically. Then wipe the brush over the sensor and mostly the dust is gone.  You can get the brushes typically on ebay or Amazon. 

To check for sensor dust, take a photo of a clear sky at f22 or as high as you can go, at ISO125.  Then use spot detection in Lightroom.  Brush again if dust remains. 

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Only use sensor cleaning swabs and solution made for the job. They are expensive but a lot cheaper than a new sensor. You may have to do it twice or more but my guess is that it will work.

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