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Hi from swedish Olympus user - why switch to Fuji?

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I´m not in to Fuji yet, but am thinking about it. I might sell E-M5iii, 12-100, 20mm 1.4 and some stuff I don´t use.

In that  case I would buy X-T5 or X-T3, 16-80,  a f1.4 WR lens. It might cost me an additional 850-1000€ if X-T5.

I need some good advice (probably against this because of my wife) if it´s a good idea.

My (swipe) reasons:

  • The tilt screen of X-T5 / X-T3
  • Better low light performance, I often shoot in low light
  • Better autofocus
  • I often crop and save pictures in 16:9 and 3:2
  • Dials
  • Better build quality, maybe being able to use pd-clip
  • Slow motion 240fps might be nice on X-T5
  • If jpg:s are nice I save them, but often shoot RAW and use DXO for denoise



  • No IBIS on X-T3
  • Weather sealing, the camera comes along on hikes, skiing etc in all sorts of weather. It´ll take some hits maybe. Never had problems with Olympus.
  • Money, if X-T5. I buy used stuff, so X-T3 is OK.
  • In the end there might not be that much of difference in low light performance?
  • Size (though 16-80 is smaller than 12-100 and I´ve got E-P7 with Leica 15mm as small kit)
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