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Time Code Synch

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Does anyone know how to synch time code between Fuji-X cameras?? One would think the obvious answer would be to connect the cameras to the X  app and the time on the camera would lock to the time on the phone. I seem to recall the XT4 had this function. It does not work this way on my XH2 and XH2S. I have only been able to get them close by setting the time manually for each camera. This really needs to be addressed by Fuji especially with these two flagship hybrid (stills and video) cameras.

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I do understand the problem, also shooting with various cameras at the same time.

I hoped the new Fuji app could solve the problem. But no.

I hoped Capture One could solve it… but no.

In fact, the only solution I found, is to use the Fujifilm tether plugin pro for lightroom. Meaning I need to open lightroom just for this… However, it works!

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With the recently released 5.10 firmware, it is now possible to jam-synch these cameras to the Atomos Ultrasynch Blue Time Code generator. Bluetooth pairing between XH2S/2 with the Atomos is tricky - turn on the camera, go to TC Settings>Time Code Synch Setting> Pairing Registration, and start the search. Turn on the UltraSynch Blue, go to Bluetooth settings, and start the search. The camera will appear on the Atomos display after a few seconds, select it. On the camera, a message will appear indicating a connection to the Atomos. Now the Atomos is registered with the camera and will appear in the registered devices section of the Bluetooth menu. Going forward turn on the Atomos, on the camera go to>TC settings>Time Code Synch Settings>turn on the "Connect to Atomos AirGlu BT" for each session. To get time of day TC into the Atomos install the Ultra Synch Blue app' on your phone and jam the phone time to the Atomos. According to Fuji and Atomos documentation, it is possible to synch six cameras to the Ultra Synch Blue. I am shooting a documentary with multiple XH2S' and having frame-accurate matching time code is a huge benefit in editing. Thank you Fujifilm!!!!!!!

I got mine at https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1569940-REG/atomos_atomxsybl1_us_ultrasync_blue_with_usb_c.html

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Thank you Fujifilm??????   I am using the TentacleSync system.   Why can't I jamsync with any time code generator?  Why does it have to be just the Atomos system.  Another bone headed Fujifilm limitation.   Just like their crap autofocus!

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