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  1. What you are experiencing is not unusual. Try this: Download Davinci Resolve--a very powerful free NLE. Then, create proxies or optimized media. Optimized media is a ProRes file. Tell Davinci Resolve to use the either proxies or optimized media. Then your files will play back fine for you to edit--I did this on 2016 MBP. To save space, delete the optimized/proxies when you have completed your project. If you do not want to create proxies or optimized media you will need a new computer. The M1s work great. I have a MBP M1 Max and it works great with H.265 All Intra 720 KB/s files created by my X-H2S. No proxies or optimized media required. Hope this helps. Don
  2. Thank you for the suggestion about DP Review. I am able to get by with the work around. A little more patience on my part perhaps and it works similarly with the X-H2s set to USB Tether Auto and have to since returned to this setting. Just a PITA as I have to hit record twice. BTW. Not any real interest on the DJI RS2 User Forum either. Don
  3. Well not so fast. X-H2S firmware 1.03 everything worked fine for my needs. Then FujiFiim updated the firmware to version 2.0. Now, with USB Tether/Auto the record does not stay latched in. However, there is a workaround. Instead of USB Tether/Auto use USB Tether Fixed. When you do this the first attempt at record will not latch. However, a successive attempt will start movie recording. So, if you want to use the X-H2S with the RS2 make sure you do not upgrade to FujiFilm firmware version 2.0 unless you want to use the workaround.I spoke with FujiFilm Technical Support. There is no way to roll back the firmware. This seems to be the case with Sony as well. I believe this to be dumb engineering. If they break something with a firmware update you are screwed until the manufacturer issues a new firmware.So three, big cheers for DJI. At least you can roll back the firmware.Judging the lack on interest in this thread, I must be the only idiot in the world that is attempting to make this work!Don
  4. They needed the front and rear clickable wheels. Had my X-T3 set-up so the front wheel would allow me to click between shutter speed, aperture and ISO all while displaying all the other information including the histogram in the view finder. Now, when you want to change ISO you have click a some button to show the ISO number which removes all other information in the display including the histogram. This is a critical loss! Bad move Fuji! What were you thinking???????? Don
  5. Hello All:For those of you that are interested, I purchased an X-H2S and connected it with my RS2. The only changes from using an X-T3 was that I used the included (with the RS2 Pro) mini HDMI to Full HDMI cable and set Connections on the X-H2S to Select Connection Setting/Selection 3: USB Tether Shooting Auto.With the above I was able to connect the RavenEye to my iPad and see what was in the field of view of the camera. I was also able to start/stop video record and alter aperture, shutter speed and ISO. I also successful used film profiles of Flog and HLG.It appears for these items, that the FujiFilm SDK for the X-T3 is similar to that what might be used for the X-H2S.Don
  6. I believe this to be operator error with a new camera. Subsequent tests do no demonstrate this behavior. Most likely I had the camera in continuous focus and that was what I was seeing. Incidentally. Videos with bird detect against a clear blue sky continuous autofocus with bird detect works very well at both 60p and 120p. However, put the bird in any complex background and bird detect autofocus works somewhat at 60p. At 120p it works very poorly. Don
  7. Hi All: I just received my X-H2S that I have paired with an XF 70-300. Today, I attempted manual focus on a bird with the camera in aperture priority and the XF 70-300 zoomed out to 300 mm. Camera was set to manual focus and I carefully focused on the bird. The bird was stationary. Everything looked great. When I reviewed the footage I noticed that bird occasionally bounced in and out of focus--the bird was close so this was not an atmospheric issue. The lens did not slowly drift out of focus but moved out of focus and then back into focus. I never noticed this behavior when the XF 70-300 was attached to my X-T3. Has anyone come across this before? If yes, what did you do to resolve. Thank you in advance. Don
  8. Hello All: I recognize that the Fujifilm X-H2S is not on compatable list for Ronin RS2. However, has anyone tried this combination using micro HDMI female to male HDMI? Besides stabalization what works? Most important to me are starting/stopping video recording and being able to adjust focus with the focus motor.Thank you in advance.Don
  9. Hello: Some questions for you: 1) How are you exposing your Flog footage, e.g. ETTR. By how much? 2) Are you applying a camera LUT? 3) What happens when you shoot Eterna without any log profile. 4) What happens when you shoot HLG? Don BTW. When I shoot Flog with my X-T3 I get some weird magenta issues on blue sky. Consequently, I never use Flog and instead use HLG which does not have the problem.
  10. How do you expose fLog? Turn on your zebras to 100% and set your camera to Shutter Speed fixed, Aperture fixed and ISO to Auto. Increase the exposure compensation until you see zebras in the area were you want to retain some detail. Then back off the exposure compensation until the zebras are just gone--typically this is about 1 2/3 stops over exposure.
  11. Set you exposure compensation dial to +2 stops. Then whatever is metered, the camera will over expose by 2 stops. I use the Leeming LUTs. These LUTs are developed to over expose by 1 2/3 stops. So I have my exposure compensation dial set to 1 2/3 stops. This works well. The other thing I would recommend is that you set your zebras to 100% (there is some debate as to what this should be set at). Always check your LCD monitor to make sure that the image is not over exposed to the point of not leaving any details in the highlights. Don
  12. Hi All, Everyone that is having lock-ups with their X-T3 and firmware version 4.00 need to express their concern to FujiFilm service centers in their home country. I have spoken with FujiFilm in the USA and they seem to be unaware of what is becoming a more widespread problem. But only if we let FujiFilm know by calling them will they fix this problem. Don Barar
  13. Hi Fathom: I called Fuji tech support in the US. They told be they were unaware of a lock-up issue with firmware version 4.00. Hmmm. Based on your comments and others on this thread there is going to being mounting evidence that firmware 4.0 is causing lock-up issues on the X-T3 that were not there with previous firmware releases. Everyone on this forum that are having lock-up issues with their X-T3 and firmware release 4.00 need to report what is going on to Fuji so they can get this fixed. Don Barar
  14. Hi All: I have had my X-T3 since May 2019 and never experienced a lock-up. However, since upgrading to version 4.00 I had my first lock-up while shooting video. Screen froze and I was unable to turn off camera. Anyone else had this experience since updating to version 4.00? Don Barar
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