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  1. How do you expose fLog? Turn on your zebras to 100% and set your camera to Shutter Speed fixed, Aperture fixed and ISO to Auto. Increase the exposure compensation until you see zebras in the area were you want to retain some detail. Then back off the exposure compensation until the zebras are just gone--typically this is about 1 2/3 stops over exposure.
  2. Set you exposure compensation dial to +2 stops. Then whatever is metered, the camera will over expose by 2 stops. I use the Leeming LUTs. These LUTs are developed to over expose by 1 2/3 stops. So I have my exposure compensation dial set to 1 2/3 stops. This works well. The other thing I would recommend is that you set your zebras to 100% (there is some debate as to what this should be set at). Always check your LCD monitor to make sure that the image is not over exposed to the point of not leaving any details in the highlights. Don
  3. Hi All, Everyone that is having lock-ups with their X-T3 and firmware version 4.00 need to express their concern to FujiFilm service centers in their home country. I have spoken with FujiFilm in the USA and they seem to be unaware of what is becoming a more widespread problem. But only if we let FujiFilm know by calling them will they fix this problem. Don Barar
  4. Hi Fathom: I called Fuji tech support in the US. They told be they were unaware of a lock-up issue with firmware version 4.00. Hmmm. Based on your comments and others on this thread there is going to being mounting evidence that firmware 4.0 is causing lock-up issues on the X-T3 that were not there with previous firmware releases. Everyone on this forum that are having lock-up issues with their X-T3 and firmware release 4.00 need to report what is going on to Fuji so they can get this fixed. Don Barar
  5. Hi All: I have had my X-T3 since May 2019 and never experienced a lock-up. However, since upgrading to version 4.00 I had my first lock-up while shooting video. Screen froze and I was unable to turn off camera. Anyone else had this experience since updating to version 4.00? Don Barar
  6. Hi All: I'll add my complaint to the hopper. Does Fuji know? Of course Fuji knows. They just do not care. No longer works with iOS 14.2 and and X-T3. My biggest complaint is that (when it worked) when you wanted to start/stop record video it forced the camera to record only 1080P to the SD card regardless of the camera setting. Not sure why this is a restriction when the camera can do DCI. Seems like a stupid decision to me. I called Fuji support in the USA and all they could offer was that was how the application was designed. Like I said. Fuji knows. But they just do not care! Don Barar
  7. Best cooking video ever. Even a Bob Ross apperition. I may try making this myself. Best, Don Barar
  8. Hi Raffaele: The preamps in most cameras are inexpensive and noisy. I had a similar situation with my X-T3. The strategy is to turn down the gain on the camera's pre-amps and increase the gain on your microphone to have which should have better, less noisy preamps. For example I have the camera audio gain setting for the external microphone on my X-T3 set to -25.5 db. Then I set gain on my microphone system (Sennheisser ew100 G4) so that audio levels on the camera are at -12 db. -12db is the goal you should strive for in the vast majority of audio systems. Also, never use auto audio levels on your camera. What will happen when auto is engaged, the camera will adjust the camera audio gain to the correct level when someone is speaking. However, when no one speaking, it will increase the audio gain and reveal the noise. With your equipment do you have the ability to adjust the gain on the camera and microphone? Hope you find this helpful. Don Barar
  9. Hi Ken, Have you considered trying Davinci Resolve? I have used it with 4K H.265 4:2:0 generated with an X-T3. Color grading tools are excellent. Works well on a Mac. But I know there is Windows version. You can download the very powerful freeware version 17 that has no time limits to see if it works for you. Don Barar
  10. Hi Sophia: Sounds to me like you have a set-up problem. Here are a couple of YouTube videos on how to set-up your X-T3: Let us know if this helps. Don
  11. I use my X-T3 almost exclusively for video in my real estate business. Use it in conjunction with the 16 - 55 f2.8-4.0 and 10-24 f/4. All videography is done on Ronin SC. Very light weight combination and am able to use for extended periods. Can not recommend this combination enough. Don
  12. Hi All: There are still issues with the X-T3 (firmware 3.21) and Ronin SC Firmware version 1.5.040. With the camera in photo mode, there is a long delay between the time you press the record button and an image is actually taken by the X-T3. The camera must be in the either movie/photo before turning the camera on. If you are in movie mode when turning the camera on, then you cannot switch to photo mode and have the record button on the Ronin SC take a photograph. If you are in photo mode when turning the camera on, then you cannot switch the camera to movie mode and have the record button in the Ronin SC start recoding a video. There is something still not correct with the firmware. Not sure whether this is a Fuji or a DJI issue. Does anyone at these companies test this stuff???????????????? Don Barar
  13. Hi All: It turns out that the FujiFilm Tether Shooting Plug-in (Pro) Mac/Lightroom/X-T3 does work in a Mac OS 10.5.x (Catalina) environment. After launching Lightroom, select start tether capture. This will allow you to capture images using Lightroom. If you want more functionality, select the FujiFilm X icon in the menu bar. This brings up a window that allows you to change exposure parameters and many of the functions of the camera. Works quite well. Sincerely, Don Barar
  14. Hi Robr: Thank you for writing. I review the URL you suggested. Before I read your comments I reviewed the following URL: https://exchange.adobe.com/creativecloud.details.16759.fujifilm-tether-shooting-plug-in-pro-mac.html The claim in this URL is that Catalina did work for both camera and PC capture--I need the PC capture functionality. After speaking with both Adobe and FujiFilm I was told that this plug-in worked in Mac OS Catalina. So I went ahead and purchased. After finally getting the Lightroom Classic to recognize the plug-in I am able to only find Camera capture. There does not appear to be a PC capture in the Mac plug-in. I have another call into FujiFilm USA support to determine their findings. If anyone else has thoughts on this I would appreciate your comments. Don Barar
  15. Hi All,Does anyone know if FujiFilm Tether Shooting Plug-in (Pro) Mac/Lightroom/X-T3 works in a Mac OS 10.5.x (Catalina) environment? I saw the announcement on Fuji X Forum regarding the GFX was now working in Catalina but there was no mention of X-T3.Don Barar
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