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EVF only with LCD playback (XE2)

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Hi to all of you!

I've just bought XE2 and I love it so far.

But, trying to find a way around the problem of Eye sensor activating EVF just a little to late, I opted for EVF only option(EVF on all the time). But, I still want to check my just taken pictures on LCD, using Playback button(I'm a DSLR user used to do this).I'm surprised that LCD is off completely with this option, I can't even review my pictures. I thought it would be off only for Live view.

Am I doing something wrong? Can this be changed it settings?

Thank you!

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When you change "EVF/LCD SETTING" to "EVF" - X-E2 will show all information in EVF only, no exceptions. It's global setting, no matter if you are shooting or Playback image.


X-E2 is much slower comparing to most DSLR, so it will take time to get used to new shooting style.


E.g. Nikon D7000 camera is always ON (viewfinder is always powered when battery is alive), and you can instantly turn the switch and make shot in less than a second.

While X-E2 needs at least 1 full second to start from "sleep mode", or about 2.5 seconds to start from OFF mode. You still can make a shot with X-E2 in about second after turning ON, which is not bad.


X-E2 often requires to calm down some DSLR-speed oriented habits, and get used to its slower performance.

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Thank you very much for your help! I'm trying, need some time. At least, it's a great start up camera. If cons of XE2 are not present in Xpro 2, maybe I'll upgrade some day.

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Yes, Fuji continuously improve firmware, and next camera models.

Current X-E2 is a totally different camera to what it was a year back, so many improvements.


E.g. with newer X-T1 it is possible to set "EVF only" for shooting, and "LCD" for Playback.

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Can you do that with X Pro2?

I just found some sort of way around the problem. Instead of looking through a viewfinder to change EVF to LCD, I learned to change it "blindly" (I learned the combination of buttens I have to push without looking through viewfinder :))

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This is the only missing feature in X-E2, though it is a great camera!

X-Pro1, X-Pro2, X-T1 and X-E1 have the possibility to set up the EVF for shooting and LCD for playback.

I'm not sure but I think that X-T10 and X100 series also can be set up in this way.

FW 4 do not added this functionality.

This missing feature is the only still needed by the X-E2.  

(Please Fuji ^_^ )


Ah!, also would be desirable a full lens line up like the 35f2 (small, light and fast) --may I suggest 23mm, 18mmII and 45/50mm  :)

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