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Xs10 water damage and sensor gone


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I am a beginner but i just drop xs10 into river about 2 sec. Then its dead and i check at sensor I don’t know what this mean sensor stuck or it gone. I put its in rice 2 days for now can turn it on but it have sound like something stuck inside what can i do for now still can’t take any photos with no sensor

thank you so much

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Agree with BCE except sending it to Fuji.  Most likely the sensor is water damaged, and the motherboard is fried.  I fried my XT2 in salt water.  This happened in 2018 and Fuji wanted like $600US to repair.  I wasn't that in love with it and besides there will be corrosion inside the crevasses and buttons etc.

Look for another body.  and I have to ask what happened to the lens?  

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