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  1. Dimsol, I will mention something that may be very obvious to some but this happen to me. The shutter speed was set on "A" while I was testing my X-T4 in dimm light. I was under the impression that my X-T4 was taking 2 picture, but is was just the shutter opening and closing at 1/4 sec timing. Is this the case or do you actually have 2 pictures saved on memory card per press ?
  2. My solution, a little drop of blue thread blocker. I'm sure Fujifilm do not agree with this solution. At your own risk.
  3. The battery was most likely not empty. Also, new battery are faster at charging than older one. And lastly, my X-T4 battery usualy charge in about 1h to 2h.
  4. You may not like the answer, but I would start to look for another body. You can send it to Fujifilm for an estimation but water damage, specially the dirty water of a river, usually means the end for a body.
  5. Asis, In order to have the focus continuously: You need to maintain AF-ON The front MCS dial need to be on AF-C If it doesn't work, make sure your AF-ON shortcut was not reassigned to another function
  6. I’m using a X-T4 with a manual lens (7 Artisans 60mm Macro) Focus Check I use a shortcut button (Fn2) for Focus Check (Red High - Focus Peak Highlight) The Focus Check shortcut only work when the auto focus dial is on AF-M. Focus Check do not work in AF-C or AF-S. (It would also work by moving the ring of an AF lens) IS IS in Continuous mode work in all AF modes. No need to half press or to hold AF-ON but it does consume more energy IS in Shooting Only mode, works while half press or AF-ON while on AF-C. It does not work on AF-M nor AF-S Question I would like to use the Focus Check and IS in Shooting Only mode at the same time. How to do this?
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