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How to save money on polarizers and filters?

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All fuji landscape lenses are of different sizes (specially the 10-24mm and the 16mm). I want to buy a high quality polarizer (B+W or heliospan) but I want to be able to use it on all my lenses?

What is the best option? I have seen some YouTube videos where they have square polarizers which they slide rather than screw on.

Which ones are the best for fuji?

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Possibly the least expensive route is to get screw on filters for your (anticipated) widest lens -- ehh the 82 mm if I recall correctly and then use what are called step-up rings to attach the smaller sized lens to the filter. Be careful not to accidentally get step-down rings, these go in the opposite direction and will not work for what you are wanting to do.

The square filter holders are often used in situations calling for graduated neutral density  -- gnd -- filters, where the bottom part of the filter has no effect on the image. (It keeps the sky from being blown out without over darkening the land part. ) You slide the filter up or down in the holder to suit your setting. The same idea about sizes would apply here. Get one that will work for your largest lens and use step-up rings to attach it to your smaller lenses.

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