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  1. Almost like a painting. love it.
  2. Very strong sunlight on a summer day. The strong light added a nice hue to the water and it was a very peaceful and tranquil day. I used a circular polarizer and a 6 stop filter (still my sky is blown out).
  3. So I am a wannabe photographer. but I when traveling with family its hard for me to step out in the golden hours. (as children are hungry or sleeping at that time). So most of the photography happens at the time when there is strong sun in the sky which leads to very hard shadows on the face and body. I did some research and tried to offset this by using an off camera flash. But it's not working the photos still come out with very strong shadows. (example attached. I purchased a Godox 860 vii which is a strong flash but its still not able to compensate for the shadow and also leaves a very metallic finish on the subject. What can I do? I read that people are able to compensate for the sunlight by using strobes.
  4. yes that was the problem. My shutter speed was too high.
  5. I purchased a cheap remote flash trigger and a flash from Amazon. I also got a white umbrella. I mounted the flash behind the umbrella and put the exposure to -2 (to compensate for the flash because its not TTL). All my photos came out like this I can 100% assure you that there was no vertical divider in the room. Why did half the photograph go completely dark?
  6. Here is my attempt at capturing the colors of the fall. I didn't have any polarizer or grad filter so my sky got blown out
  7. I don't use Instagram much. Sorry I am very old fashioned. I use Flickr. Instagram insists that I post using phone but I don't use phone for photography I use my laptop and camera.
  8. I went to the FujiFilm website and download the PCAutoSave http://app.fujifilm-dsc.com/en/pc_autosave/usage.html But this application is not useful at all because it is built to wireless transfer images from camera to PC. I shoot raw and fine quality (uncompressed). I tried saving files wirelessly and it just killed the battery of the camera. How to copy the all files to computer with wire connection? I have found 2 ways (1) Use Apple photos App and then click import from there. The problem with this approach is that I usually import images into the photos app "after" post post processing and since iCloud storage is expensive I don't want to upload each and every image into the photos app (iCloud) (2) I use dark table to say import from device. This works but I have to manually select which photos to import each time. Would be nice if the software could automatically do a delta of the images which I have not imported and only import those. (My nikon software does this). Any better suggestions?
  9. All fuji landscape lenses are of different sizes (specially the 10-24mm and the 16mm). I want to buy a high quality polarizer (B+W or heliospan) but I want to be able to use it on all my lenses? What is the best option? I have seen some YouTube videos where they have square polarizers which they slide rather than screw on. Which ones are the best for fuji?
  10. OK let me post in the right place. Yes my PC connection is set to usb card reader. but when I connect my camera to MacBookPro nothing happens. it doesn't even show up as a drive in my finder.
  11. I love still photography. I love landscapes and portraits.
  12. What is the best software to import photos from camera to the Mac? I downloaded multiple software from fujifilm website but none of them even work for this simple task. The only working method for me right now is that I use a software called DarkTable and say "import from camera". The issue here is that I have to manually select the photos which I need to copy. I wish there was a sort of "incremental" copy feature where I could click import and only the photos which were not imported before are copied over without me having to select all of them.
  13. Hello Everyone, I purchased a used X-T3 today (silver) along with 35mm f/1.4. Shot a few images in my basement where I am learning the menu system and installing, configuring all software and mobile apps. Just want to know if there are other people from Seattle here on this forum. Would Love to team up and organize a few photo walks.
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