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  1. I am on it and I am always surprised how pictures I am not proud of get 50 likes and pictures I really like get only 3. It's definitely a learning experience what people like. Still haven't managed to get 100 likes or more.
  2. I think it's just a very specialized lens. 90mm is quite long on APS-C.
  3. No idea when it will happen but computing power tends to win over hardware so I think mirrorless will take over in the next few years. However, I think mirrorless cameras will also be replaced by other devices like phones.
  4. Zone focus and AF-C with back button focus work best for me. Usually a 3x3 zone which I often move one step up and a little to the side to get the head in focus. I have moved AF-On to the front Fn button which works well for my hands, so I have "front button" focus. I have also learned to shoot with small bursts to avoid viewfinder lag. Here are some zoo pictures I took and think worked out well.
  5. thanks for an honest review. I am starting to get used to the X-T2 with the 100-400 and it can be challenging to set up focus correctly. I would love to try a D500 and see how that works.
  6. Great pictures! How did that combination treat you?
  7. Same here. Fuji is really good at building lenses but their hoods and caps are just pain terrible. When I had Pentax, all the hoods just snapped on perfectly. Never had any problem. Not so with Fuji.
  8. Nice! This something I really want to see. Is it actually visible with the naked eye or is it like the Milky Way where most detail only shows in long exposure pictures?
  9. Totally agree. Delete them or at least get them off the drive mode dial and hide them somewhere. Also take panorama off the drive mode dial. And move "S" to one of the end positions so it's easy to find.
  10. I am using Capture One. The results are definitely much better than what I got with Lightroom. I don't have time to test out other software though. It's not like you can use one and get good results immediately. It takes some time to learn.
  11. What do you want to bet :-) ?
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