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Inresolved issue - Blackout picture

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Hi everyone,

This is an issue that I need to understand because the price of the repair is almost the price of the Xpro-2.
So I'll repair it myself.

  1. The issue result : Black pictures with no visual information in post prod (exposure max with raw files etc.)
  2. When this happens ? : in conditions of high luminosity with mechanical shutter
  3. What are the settings when this happens ?

-Exposure mesure modes-  Every ones (spot, multi etc.)

-Exposure compensation-  Every ones (+-0, +1, -1 etc.)

-Aperture modes-  wide apertures but sometimes at small apertures (even with High ISO or ISO auto)

-Shutter type-  mechanical only (and of course M+E when it switch automaticaly to M mode)

-Shutter speed-  high values from 1/8000 to 1/1000 but sometimes even 1/500 (in some situations it works till 1/1000 and it works in every situation for 1/250 and slower) the A mode sets directly high values in high luminosity.

-ISO mode-  Every mode and value (even H or L)

       5. What did I do to verify if I can fix it ? : reset, format SD cards, update firmware, sensor cleaning, defibillation etc.

       6. My question is : is it a shutter issue AND why this works sometimes at 1/500 and even sometimes at 1/1000? . Maybe the shutter is ok but the transmission is not ok between the sensor, the motherboard and the shutter. So the problem may be the sensor or the motherboard. The sychronisation between the sensor and the shutter may be not the same.

Indication : the sound speed of the shutter is the same at 1/125 and faster.


I've read every post talking about shutter and expostition issues and decided to ask about this special problem.
So I hope that someone can help me :)
And help others in the same case.

Thanks !


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On 4/30/2024 at 11:21 PM, meeeemo said:

have you had any luck resolving this? having an issue with xt30 - black photos with MS.

Nope, in fact I'm only shooting with electronic shutter now. I guess I'd have more issues trying to fix it. And now I have a Nikon D5 if I need to shoot with a better shutter.

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