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Fall pictures

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Since fall lends itself for beautiful pictures I thought it'd be cool to open an open fall topic. So feel free to share your pictures!


Fungi in the forest #1 by Licht Sluw, on Flickr


Fungi in the forest #4 by Licht Sluw, on Flickr

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Time to photograph something else next time


Mini forest by Licht Sluw, on Flickr


Sunny shrooms by Licht Sluw, on Flickr

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    • I have this issue on the 16 1.4, 23 1.4 and 56 1.2. All 3 are really lose. It makes them a nightmare to shoot with as I’m constantly having to check it hasn’t moved for each shot, as my hand is naturally holding it when i shoot, it’s easily moved. There are barely any ‘stops’ at all for each setting, it’s like a smooth rotation with some subtle bumps as I turn it.    don’t get me wrong - all 3 lenses are fantastic. Chuffed to bits with them, but the aperture rings are completely awful. It
    • Hello,   My iso wheel suddenly stopped changing the iso when on video mode. When I switch to photo it is perfectly fine though.   Does anybody have any idea what might be causing it? I have not changed anything in the settings but...    Thank you in advance!
    • I don't believe you're doing anything wrong, because I have the same issue. The only thing the function button allows you to do is switching face/eye recognition on of off. No more options. My X-T2 did offer the option to switch between auto eye, left eye and right eye detection, but the X-T3 sadly not (Fuji are you listening?). Now you have to dig into the menu setting to make the required settings.
    • Recent versions of Lightroom have the option of using the film simulation used when capturing the image. It can be changed. Go to Lightroom > preferences. Look for the tab Presets. Here you can change the settings. You may even do so per camera used. There are three options: any preset to your liking, or Adobe Standard (instead of the horrible Adobe Color) or Camera Settings (your used Film setting). Hope this helps.
    • You can change the default profile used when importing images into Capture one and lightroom, you could set it to a flat profile to give you more of that "Raw" look.
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