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  1. After upgrading to FW5.0, the IMAGE DISP. function has changed totally. For some shootings, I used the setting of 0.5 sec and the nice thing was, that I could quickly see my image in the viewfinder LCD display, without taking my camera down and go on shooting. This does now not work anymore. You can only see the image on the display back of the camera. That's stupid! How can we have this back??? The view mode is set to "Eye sensor and LCD Image display". If it is set to Viewfinder only, it works as it should. However, I want to use both, Eye sensor and LCD Image display. So this must be a bug...
  2. There is one thing very annoying on the X-Pro2. When I set the camera to manual focus and I have to wait a while, the camera goes to sleep mode. After waking up from sleep mode (by pressing the shutter button), the camera has changed the focus. So if you had your focus set correct before, the image will be out of focus after waking up. Why can't Fuji correct this with a firmware upgrade? I just killed a whole photo session for this reason, as I was not aware of the changed focus.
  3. I am going on a Safari in Botswana/Namibia and plan to use my XF100-400mm on my X-Pro2. I don't have that much experience in wildlife photography and I have also not used the XF100-400mm that much so far. Which autofocus mode would you recommend: - Singe Point? - Zone? - Wide/Tracking?
  4. alex.reusch

    X-T1 and the night sky

    Steve, great photos! I just can recommend the Rokinon 12mm f2 for milky way shoots. It is a very simple (manual focus only) but brilliant lens. You will receive great value. I also use the Rokinon for star shooting. I think it just give me the perfect aspect ratio for milky way (very wide, but not too wide). Also, it is really sharp and very easy to handle. What I also recommend to get the last piece of perfection for your star shooting, is the iOptron Star tracker. It allows me to do 4-5 minutes exposures, while closing the lens to f/4 and stepping down the ISO values to ISO800. It requires to do two separate images (one for the background, one for the foreground), because the skytracker will move the camera. You can see some examples here: https://goo.gl/photos/HQgbLQB6ctZM12qd8 https://goo.gl/photos/b5Mqdk2PjvAXGbRz6
  5. Does anybody know if there is an alternative solution to the MLP-75XF lens plate? To add this plate to the already clunky foot is everything else than an elegant solution and a real shame for such a great lens. As it seems to be not possible to change the lens collar itself, I noticed that it is possible to remove the foot from the collar. Now it would be nice, if there is an Arca Swiss compatible foot to add to the default lens collar, without having to add a separate plate on the foot. Any ideas? 3rd Party?
  6. alex.reusch

    Help me thin my lens collection

    If you are mainly shooting street and portraits, then the following two lenses are a must have: XF23 f/1.4 XF56 f/1.2 I do own the APD version of the XF56, because I like the extra soft bokeh, but the standard lens is already awesome. The XF23 is the perfect street lens as it represents 35 mm focal length. I also do a lot of portraits with this lens. If I would only had to stick with a single lens, the XF23 would be my baby. It is super sharp and fast and I love the manual focus capabilities. For your case, I would highly recommend the following four lens setup: XF10-24 XF23 XF56 XF55-200 You might even not need the 55-200 and go with the XF90 or XF50-140 instead. But as you already own the 55-200, I would stick with it. But for street and portraits, you need the XF23 and XF56. Without those two babies, you are definitely missing something...
  7. alex.reusch

    If the x-pro 2 and x-t2 were both released tomorrow...

    Rangefinder! X-Pro2
  8. alex.reusch

    XF56 vs XF90 - Your thoughts apprecaited

    I own the 56APD and love it! For me, it is the perfect focal length for doing portraits and do prefer it over the 90mm. The APD is working great and I adore its smoothness. I also use the 35mm and 23mm, if I don't have the distance for the 56. So I don't see the 90 being that useful for studio portraits... Maybe for outside shooting sessions?
  9. My dream camera: - Rangefinder format - Organic APS-C sized sensor, to keep 100% compatibility of existing X-lenses (same crop factor) - Hybrid viewfinder - Battery life good for 500 shots - Wifi - USB-C port - Better remote flash support with high speed sync - Dual Memory Card Slot