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  1. A good and painful lesson to use that 2nd card slot for it's absolute best use: as a backup, duplicating all your raws and jpgs.
  2. Bob, thanks for expounding on your thoughts. Now that I have refreshed my (basic) understanding of MTF I see your point.
  3. Ron, enjoy the a7rIII. Always use the best tool for the job if you can afford it. But one question: why not use the GFX for landscape?
  4. Hi Bob, we are in agreement that the lens resolution would be the limiting factor in determining the total system resolution in the situation where the sensor out-resolves the lens. We just don't agree on what constitutes "very bad" or "excellent" lenses (to use your terms). These are very subjective and somewhat emotionally laden descriptions (especially when you lead with "bull****") that fail to take into account the trade-offs inherent in the context of the entire system (i.e. APS-C sensor sizes, the resulting pixel pitch that is required to achieve these higher resolutions, and the desire to not have pixel-level sharpness limited by diffraction at larger and larger apertures as you reduce pixel size). Cheers!
  5. The more pixels you put on a particular sensor, the smaller they become. The smaller the pixels, the better lenses you need to resolve fine detail. The smaller the pixels, the lower on the F-stop scale your sharpness becomes limited by diffraction. Have you noticed that full-frame sensors have topped out around 50mp? Well, to put things in perspective, our current 24mp fuji sensors have pixels sized equivalent to those on a 54mp full-frame sensor. Our current fuji lenses are being pushed to resolve as much fine detail as the very best full-frame lenses on the highest-resolution full-frame bodies. So while yeah, 30mp is not a whole lot on a full-frame sensor, a 30mp APS-C sensor has pixels sized the same as those on a 67mp full-frame sensor. I don't know of very many lenses that can resolve 67mp, nor do I know of very many photographers who want to be diffraction limited at f/8 or worse (except for those silly folk who shoot m4/3 ).
  6. I'm with Hermelin. It does look like a random snapshot without any thought to composition, framing, or subject matter. If it's intended as street, I also see no decisive nor interesting moment. The stone arch looks like it would be interesting in person, as would the two tattooed characters. But a photo of interesting subjects does not necessarily make an interesting photo. Random snapshots can be fun and have lots of personal value to the photographer. But that doesn't mean they have to mean anything to the rest of us. For me, one of the most challenging aspects of learning photography was/is learning the difference between photos that have a personal, sentimental value and photos that have value to unbiased, neutral viewers. Harry-angel, by going after Hermelin's photos you might be getting a little too defensive. Criticism is OK, especially when people are directly asking for it (OP: "Do you think the photos are nice?" Hermelin: "No."). There was nothing rude or mean about Hermelin's response. Not everyone needs hand-holding or coddling. Just my two cents. Not trying to rant or offend, just stating my own opinion. Feel free to disagree.
  7. Video quality went from unusable in the X-T1 to fantastic in the X-T2. We all have different needs and priorities. Don't forget that.
  8. Is there a known problem with long exposure NR, or are you just guessing based on how it doubles the processing time? I personally would rather have my dark frame subtraction.
  9. To each their own, as it should be. I'm enthusiastically upgrading from my X-T1 for the following reasons: Dual card slots High quality video USB charging Because I can afford to and already have all the Fuji lens I want These factors make a world of difference on long-distance backpacking trips: instant data backups, 1 lightweight camera that can do both stills & video, and I can recharge in the field from a USB battery pack. I am not expecting much increase in still image quality and I rarely use C-AF, so I don't care if it's not as good as hyped. I'm actually hoping that the face recognition has been improved, and I don't mind that it still used CDAF. Many others will have priorities different from mine. That's fine. Buy the camera that meets your needs. However, good luck with that Sony glass lineup. Yikes. :-)
  10. PhotoPills has it all-- augmented reality starfield, sun/moon/galactic center rise & set times, DOF calculator, exposure calculator, timelapse calculator, astro shutter speed calculator to prevent star trails, etc.
  11. Yes, thanks for the update! I still have hope the XT-2 & 18-55 will work. Time to rent them...
  12. Mr. Green, thanks for the feedback. Good to know it still exists with the XT-2 and recent copies of the 18-55. Anyone else experience the wobble? Or NOT experience the wobble?
  13. Awesome! I can tell you the 16-55 is awful for hiking. It's just so damn heavy. I use the peak designs capture clip and it's too heavy to rest on my shoulder all day. I have many Fuji lenses and it's the first I would get rid of if/when needed. The image quality isn't close enough to the primes to justify the weight of the fixed f/2.8 zoom.
  14. Hello, I am a happy XT-1 owner considering the above combination (XT-2 + 18-55) for a through-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail next year. I will be shooting a lot more video and am interested in the 18-55 because it has OIS which will significantly help with video (plus a great focal length range in a lighter-weight package). In my research I have come across a wobble phenomenon at focal lengths beyond 35mm that ruins video: Would any new XT-2 owners be kind enough to briefly test this and report back? So far I only have one data point: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJKn4_ZrjhQ I'd love to hear from more XT-2 owners so I could be more confident in my choice of gear. Thank you! (and yeah, this is still a heavy setup for long-distance backpacking, but it's frankly just more fun to shoot with compared to smaller cameras like sony's RX100 line, and that's critical to me)
  15. From Rico's excellent First Look Review of the X-T2: Hopefully Fuji will add this to future firmware updates of the X-Pro2.
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