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    Shutter Lag

    Hi Stephen Thank you. I hope that others follow through and respond, as, IMO, it's the only way to get Fuji's attention.
  2. I am a GFX owner/user, and while I like the camera and its superb IQ, I am disturbed by the ever present shutter lag that has caused me to miss several opportunistic shots. A review of the Internet has revealed that this is not an isolated issue but, rather, a characteristic of the camera. I wonder if Fuji is aware of this issue, and if it is something that can be addressed in firmware? I would hope that if others are troubled by, or are aware of this unpleasantness, that they will speak up and make their voices heard by Fuji.
  3. I agree that the FF lenses are larger and therefore heavier, but the resolution tradeoff is significant when you're dealing with wide angle lenses and the eventual desire for cropping. I own and use both a Sony A7rIII and Fuji GFX50s. Despite the slightly larger format of the GFX, I find the resolution of both cameras to be comparable. That said, I find the retro design of the GFX, with its top mounted dials and aperture control on its lenses, to be appealing. And for that reason alone I have been trying to convince myself to purchase an Xt3. However, i've owned—for a brief interval before returning—a Fuji XH-1, and was not overly impressed with the Xtrans sensor, although, I understand that the Xt3 sports an improved, upgraded APS-C array. I do not do any video to speak of, so the video capabilities of any of these cameras is, for my purposes, irrelevant. I had pulled the trigger on an Xt3 with a 16mm prime lens rather than a zoom, but B&H failed to ship the in stock camera as promised and I cancelled same. Now I am wondering if I should reorder the package. Do I need it? NO, but a new toy would be nice.
  4. I have been following—purely out of curiosity—the various Internet posts regarding the relative virtues of the Fuji Xt2 and the new Xt3 vs the Sony A7 series cameras (A7III,A7rII and III) and have been amazed by the continued use of size as a feature favoring the Fuji offerings. However, various sites have posted the comparative, side by side dimensions of both the xt2, upon whose body the xt3 is based, and the Sony A7III (similar body dimensions as the R series) and a review of same has indicated that there is no discernible difference when considering overall dimensions. To wit, the following link: https://cameradecision.com/compare/Fujifilm-X-T2-vs-Sony-Alpha-7R-II
  5. I apologize for the misunderstanding.
  6. Hello, I appreciate all of your responses. And thank you, Milandro, but I already have more than enough high-end glass to fulfill my needs. A few of your comments seem to question the need for the degree of resolution my current cameras provide, and while I did mention the cropping ability aspect, I neglected to note that I often produce large, gallery quality prints or Giclee's and, therefore, the A7rIII is not superfluous, although you might assume so given the GFX 50s large sensor. That said, they represent different tools for diverse purposes, the most significant differences being represented by the Sony's IBIS, lesser weight and more diminutive size. But, in the end, you have all managed to quench my desire for yet another piece of equipment that I clearly do not need. Thanks again
  7. Over my many years of photographic involvement, I have owned and sold at least one version of just about every camera ever made in both the 35mm, video and medium format varieties, and have engaged in many photographic genres. In recent years, however, I have coalesced my imaging interests into a combination of landscape, people and occasional macro and very little, if any, video. That said, the first sentence in this post should make evident the fact that I am very much the gear-hog, and am constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest photographic gear. Due to a burst of common sense, I have managed to whittle down my harem of cameras to a Fuji GFX 50s, Sony A7RIII, an older A7R, and a Leica M10. As a relative old-timer, I like the availability of the external/mechanical settings afforded by the the GFX and am intrigued by the newly announced Xt3. However, despite the fact that I could easily preorder(read: money is no object) said new release, I am finding it difficult to justify the purchase given the quality and capability of my existing cameras. In the past, the APS-C cameras were smaller and lighter than other mirrorless models, but that's no longer true to any significant extent. And while the Xt3 has the surface mounted controls that I enjoy, it may tend to hobble my photographic endeavors, which often require significant cropping, due to its diminutive sensor, as compared to the already owned—for example—Sony A7RIII. Am I missing something in my evaluation?
  8. Sounds great. However, I prefer to work with a constant light source ... less trial and error with placement, and modeling lights have always been somewhat less than gratifying. That said, the Godox is a better solution for portability, where a single, on-camera light source is required.
  9. At this point, I'm not sure which extension tube would be best for the 120mm macro lens. I guess I will wait until the 45 arrives, and if it creates a subject to lens distance issue I will exchange it for the 18. I like doing macro work and would like to avoid the need for a ring light, as I prefer to use LED light panels, rather than a strobe or on-camera flash. The spot panels, mounted on light stands, make all kinds of lighting variations a snap to perform, and there is no heat issue, unlike hot lights.
  10. I had read that the 45/120mm combination provided an almost 1:1 ratio of focus to subject, but after reading your post I am wondering if it might not be a tad too much, as in too close to subject matter.
  11. Hi Stephen, The extension tube mentioned in your post is currently unavailable here from the major retailers, but I have one on pre-order as well, for my 120mm. Would love to do some macro work with that combo. Ron
  12. I've upgraded to CP 11 and the workaround still functions.
  13. No problem, but thanks for trying.
  14. Hi Stephen, Thank you for the reply to my old post, but I'm not sure what question you are responding to? My original post, entered just after receiving the GFX, related to making the RGB histogram visible onscreen. And, of course, I have long since figured that out. Ron
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