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  1. Hi all, Sorry to meet you in such a moment of stress but here goes. Last night I shot an event, an important one. It's primarily what I do outside of studio. This morning when I got home to upload the images and start editing I noticed about 30% (consecutive) of my shots were MIA. I uploaded what I could and put the card back in the camera (xpro2). There they were! Visible in camera. So I try a new card reader but the same 30% are missing. Then I tried directly connecting the camera with the card in it and still, they were missing on my computer. Then I tired switching card slots and trying everything again with no new results. At this point, I decided to restart my computer, make a cup of coffee and have a sit before I snap. I return to my camera and start scrolling, the elusive 30% are now gone. Like really gone this time, nowhere to be found on the card, camera or floating in my now cold coffee. I'm baffled. Does anyone have any thoughts on how this happened? How I can prevent it in the future? And, with a glimmer of hope, how to find those shots? Thanks the SD card is a SanDisk 128GB Extreme PRO 95nb/s
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