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Two bodies for travel?

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I will be visiting Paris this summer and I'm planning to take as much picture as I can of my wife and kids as well as the beautiful architecture with my X-T20.

The lens I own are:

- 18-55mm

- 16mm f1.4

- 23mm f1.4

- 35mm f1.4 

- 56mm f1.2

I have been very spoiled by the IQ of the Fuji primes and cannot go back to 18-55mm zoom lens. That being said, I was thinking about adding a 2nd body (another X-T20?) with the 23mm f1.4 100% of the time while the other body would rotate between 16mm f1.4 and 35mm f1.4. Unfortunately, the 56mm f1.2 and 18-55mm will stay home. 

Have any of you guys been travelling with mutliple bodies? What are your experience? Any other options? What do you think? 

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Unless you want to have two camera bodies slung over you in the open everywhere you go, I would probably bring two and carry one with the second just being a backup. This is based mostly on personal preference, so it may not apply to you at all. One of the best things about shooting with primes for me is that I get into a rhythm with a specific focal length and switching back and forth actually results in fewer good images. If I'm going to be in one city for multiple days, I'll go out with my 35mm one day, then use the 23mm on another day with a mental checklist of important things from the first that I want to capture with a wider focal length. I also don't like openly carrying two camera bodies around a foreign city unless it's a professional job. If I have a second body out with me, I'll keep it in my bag until I need to switch, but in that case it's really not significantly different from changing lenses on a single body. So for personal travel my preference is to bring a second body but keep it at the hotel as backup. And I try to just brush off the images that I miss when I'm shooting with primes without an ideal focal length for one specific scene. It's just part of the trade off that comes with the shooting style, wide maximum apertures, and quality of a prime lens. 

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Completely agree with Nero.  Take out one lens per day on just one body.  Forces you to take some different angles and you can still enjoy your holiday!  Not sure where you are from but I try to avoid openly carrying too much expensive kit when walking around cities...... (I keep my camera in a simple, unbranded bag too).

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