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  1. shashinman

    Two bodies for travel?

    You're into architecture bit don't have the 10-24?! Take that and the 56. I bet you never put the 56 on!
  2. shashinman

    XT2 afc focussing with new firmware

    any samples of the disastrous images to illustrate this behaviour?
  3. here's what I mean. This was shot at ISO 100 and has +38 Clarity applied.
  4. your post intrigued me because of the use of the word "worms" in that it described exactly what I saw when I took some images of some archways at a local mosque. The archways are white plaster, nothing more. But when I got the images home, at 100% in LR the images seemed to consist of, well, little worms. I tried to clear it up and submit an image to a stock agency and it was rejected for artifacts. That never happens to me. Ever. So, am I suffering from the Fuji v Adobe issue. I wish I could upload an image to show you but I'm not at home right now.
  5. same thing happened to me once except that all my images went a funky yellow. I thought I'd screwed up my camera by leaving it on when I changed lenses. I was so upset with myself for hours afterwards before I realised I had inadvertently changed the WB as Ants describes.