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  1. You're into architecture bit don't have the 10-24?! Take that and the 56. I bet you never put the 56 on!
  2. any samples of the disastrous images to illustrate this behaviour?
  3. your post intrigued me because of the use of the word "worms" in that it described exactly what I saw when I took some images of some archways at a local mosque. The archways are white plaster, nothing more. But when I got the images home, at 100% in LR the images seemed to consist of, well, little worms. I tried to clear it up and submit an image to a stock agency and it was rejected for artifacts. That never happens to me. Ever. So, am I suffering from the Fuji v Adobe issue. I wish I could upload an image to show you but I'm not at home right now.
  4. same thing happened to me once except that all my images went a funky yellow. I thought I'd screwed up my camera by leaving it on when I changed lenses. I was so upset with myself for hours afterwards before I realised I had inadvertently changed the WB as Ants describes.
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