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  1. eurotrash

    Two bodies for travel?

    Personally in a situation like that where I'm not actively 'working' and on vacation, I want to be as lightweight and mobile as possible. Again, I'd be shooting for fun, not spending too much time away from my family to take photographs. There'd be no way I'd want to take dual bodies in a scenario like that, personally. Looking at MY lens selection, I'd pop the 16-55 on during daytime and evening on the XH-1 and take the 23 1.4 for the darkest of allyways and corridors. The 16-55 has that foul weather advantage and I've dealt with that in Paris before.. That'd cover the majority of what I would be up to. If I were you, I'd just take that 18-55 and one good low light lens and be good to go, that lens isn't bad at all. If I were to take primes, it'd be the Zeiss 12 (or Fuji 14, whatever), 23 and 56. That would also be an acceptable option, at greater weight expense. 16-55mm: 23.2oz or 1.45 pounds 12, 23, 56: 10.2oz, 11.3oz, 14.3oz = 35.8oz or 2.23 pounds
  2. eurotrash

    Help ! Louder shutter noise in portrait mode

    So when you tilt the camera to the left from landscape mode, that's the only time you hear it? I have not noticed this on mine, no matter the orientation or tilt..
  3. eurotrash

    Should I trade in my XT1 for an XT3

    At this point, you're unlikely to see a huge return from the XT1 as it's definitely aging. I'm seeing them sold used for somewhere in the ~$220 - $250 range for a decent copy on fleabay. That said, the upgrade even to the XT2 is huge compared to the XT1. I've been thinking of selling mine off as I still have an XE2 with the same sensor and a couple XH's around now so it's mostly just collecting figurative dust. Any extra cash can go back into something else, it's made it's money back and someone else could use it. EDIT: Ah, just saw you got an XT3, nice score! Bet you'll love it
  4. eurotrash

    Need explanation of OVF on mirrorless

    The things missing from mirrorless cameras are the pentaprism and mirror box. These are the main reasons mirrorless camera bodies are able to have a smaller footprint. What you're seeing in the OVF of say, the X-Pro 2, is still 'through the lens', albeit light entering the lens doesn't need to pass through the pentaprism and bounce up through an array of mirrors multiple times and direct itself towards the OVF. It's literally the same thing, just made smaller due to not needing all the components that make up a traditional DSLR, thus saving space.
  5. eurotrash

    Anyone else is hoping for a 16-80 f4?

    Latest Fuji Summit might have something that catches your interest!
  6. eurotrash

    New to blogging, posted one today

    I've never 'gotten' blogging, but I figured since I have the time I might as well start. If anything it would be good to document my work so later on down the line I can look back at it and improve. If you have any suggestions on blogging, that'd be cool too. I'm not really sure how it's supposed to work, I just tried to include a rundown of the event and provided photographic proof of what I shot, essentially. If anyone is interested at all, I've linked it here. https://www.andrewpphoto.com/Blog/RLJ-Lodging-Holiday-Party-18
  7. eurotrash

    External Mic ?

    Direct to DSLR really doesn't ever sound good, no matter the mic. You really should be recording into a portable digital audio recorder or feeding the XH-1 with a solid preamp, that's really how shotgun mics are designed to work. Double check that your AA batteries are good, that they're outputting correct voltage to the mic. The NTG also can accept 48v+ Phantom power as well, so short of a battery issue, try to feed the mic with phantom power and see if the issues persist. As stated prior, turning the internal mic OFF will help with the noise floor, assuming you've gotten the mic to actually work correctly with the camera. FWIW, I've had great success using XLR phantom and non phantom powered mics as well as simple lav mics amplified by a DXA Micro Pro which then feeds audio to the XH-1.
  8. eurotrash

    Help! XH1 ISO defaults to 800 in F-Log

    Yep, that's normal base ISO for F-Log recording. Manual, page 141.
  9. First, ensure that your internal mic is disabled. Second, this seemingly is a known issue across not just this board but many others as well. You're not alone. Unfortunately (and in my case, anyway), in addition to what sounds (but actually is not) clipping when monitoring through the grip, I've noticed that there's a background hiss from the internal pre's even when switching internal mics off. It's *better* than leaving them enabled, but marginally. The best bet is to use an external recorder, it would seem. Best of luck to everyone. I'm in the same boat. Hopefully a FW update clears this up.
  10. eurotrash

    Settings XH-1

    Ditto on the recommend from Mike using EXIF data to assist in recreating YOUR personalized settings. I could tell you mine but I doubt they'd do you much good. 'Landscape', 'birds', and 'flowers' are three altogether differing things. I'd recommend backing up your settings this time to an unused SD card so that doesn't happen in the future as well.