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EMy XT2 started behaving funny a few weeks ago and I reinstalled the firmware- I am now on 4.20. Since then both LCD and EVF display an ND icon on the top left. I have found no mention of this anywhere, except in the x100f (neutral density filter). Has anyone got any idea what this is, why it is there and wether it affects the camera operation?

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    • I can't connect my x-t30 as a webcam for some reason. I downloded the x-webcam app, but when I connect the camera to my laptop, it doesn't recognise the camera. I change the connection settings to x-webcam and change other settings.  I can see the xt-30 symbol in my computer but it doesn't recognise it as a webcam.
    • @Mike AVery interesting post! Indeed the app works fine on my old iPhone 6 / iOS 12.5. On my new iPhone SE /iOS 14.4, I'm having the same problems: App is sort of freezing seconds after connection is established. But how did you manage to change the "private address"-feature without having to reconnect (which switches to the default setting private address "on")? cheers Georg
    • I have the new 10-24 mm.  I spoke with Polarpro filters [PPF] and their representative dissuaded me from purchasing their CPL for the 10-24 mm because vignetting, yet I am aware that many landscape photographers use 'filters for this wide a lens' CPL or otherwise.  I did more research and 'slim CPL' would be an option.   Is PPF representative correct?  Should I be looking at another CPL or brand?  Thank you.
    • Hi ! You thinking with New Lens fujinon 70-300mm? 
    • i use adobe premier pro , it felt familiar to use and has all the feature's i needed . i have used vegas pro too before , it uses less resources and it easier to learn for beginners .i hope this helps . have a nice day ahead !
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