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FujiFilm Cam Remote - Problem

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I'm going mental over here and need your help.

I've been travelling for a couple of months and have taken a fair a bit amount of pictures (+4000).

While I was travelling, I was selecting a bunch through the fujifilm cam remote app, transfering them to my iphone and doing some editing in Lightroom CC (mobile).


When I arrived I realise that Fujifilm cam remote app DOESN'T transfer raw files, but only jpeg, also transfered a smart preview and not a very high quality jpeg.


I now have a selection of 400 edited pictures that I want to transfer to my computer, where I want to replace the low quality jpegs with the full resolution raw files (I've got it backed up on a hard drive).


I've been recommended this plugin to do this for Lightroom CC Classic on my desktop.



But the problem is... that when transferring files with Fuji cam app, these don't keep the original name, and differ from the raw files.


Any suggestions on how can I do this without having to re-work and select 400 pictures?


Thank you very much in advance.


All the best

Joao Monteiro





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