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Long exposure and subject focus

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Hi everyone,

I’m after some insights. I tried doing a nighttime shoot with the aim of long exposure and using my wife as the subject however she kept turning out blurry but the background worked as expected. 

I was using a tripod, changed the auto focus, lowered the ISO down to 80 but couldn’t get it to work on the X-S20.

Using the 18-55 it maxed out at F4. Is it that the lens wasn’t strong enough? Should I have added some extra external light? 

I’m wanting to try and achieve something like this 

Thank you in advance 


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Your lens is okay for this. One common technique is to use a flash in taking the photograph. The light from the flash freezes the subject while the longer shutter speed allows the background motion blurring. It takes a lot of practice and patience.

Use your search engine to look up long exposure portraits. You should find many articles with examples and probably quite a few demonstration videos. Best wishes.

p.s. Welcome to the forum.

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Hi Jerryy - that’s amazing ! 

Would the built in flash be sufficient or should I explore a 3rd party flash?

I tried searching YouTube previously but were using the wrong search terms so I’ll defiantly try again using your suggestion.

And thank you, looking forward to spending time on the forums 

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You might also try searching using the expression: dragging the shutter.

I do think you will get better results using an external flash, but the built-in one can give you an idea of how things like that work.

Let us know how your results go.

edit: corrected spelling mistakes.

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