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Problem with multi exposure on XT5


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Hello everyone,
I've been wondering for several weeks, looking and looking and I can't find...
On my XT5 (with up-to-date software), when I go to "shooting setting" then "multi exposure", it is impossible for me to activate multi exposure. 
If I am in "adv.", the box is grayed out and it says "filter", if I am in "bkt" the box is grayed out and it says "bkt" etc. etc.
Can anyone tell me how to activate multi exposure? The solution should be obvious but I can't find it, either on my own or on the internet... Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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@Greybeard You can shoot the images in RAW only. The original images are saved as RAW, and the resulting multiple exposure is a .JPG, even if you have the camera set for RAW only.

@joan11 . Not sure why you can't get multiple exposures. Might be a combination of various settings, or even a bug. I suggest you back up your settings, (using XApp on your mobile device, or XAquire on your computer) and then reset the camera. If that works, you can try restoring the settings you backed up. If that doesn't work, you'll need to tweak each setting one at a time and test after each tweak.

Good Luck!

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5 hours ago, GordW said:

@Greybeard You can shoot the images in RAW only. The original images are saved as RAW, and the resulting multiple exposure is a .JPG, even if you have the camera set for RAW only.

Good to know - I was basing my suggestion on the X100VI where raw only isn't an option with multi-exposure

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What GordW said. You have to put the drive mode dial to "S" - Single Frame. If you have it on CL, CH, BKT or Panorama (or HDR), the Multiple Exposure option will be greyed out in the shootng menu. On my X-T5 it works in RAW + JPG and also in JPG only. When Multiple Exposure is switched on, the image quality cannot be set to RAW only. If it was set to RAW only before switching Multiple Exposure On, image quality defaults to RAW+Fine. The result is JPG.

After each shot press MENU/OK and after the last one press DISP/BACK.


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