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Understanding X Raw Studio

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I've been using Fuji cameras for long time but just recently started using X Raw Studio and i'm trying to understand a couple of things:

Recipe Compatibility:

I see a number of posts (and recipes) that specify which x-trans processor a certain recipe is compatible with. I've been looking at the recipes and the resulting .FP1 files that are created. The .FP1 files seem to have the same configuration options across the various x-trans processors. What i'm wondering is what this "compatibility" actually means as i can program any of these on my X-Pro2 or X-T5.

Is it that each x-trans processor renders the resulting image slightly differently so the output of a recipe developed on an x-trans IV processor will render differently on an x-trans v equipped camera?

*i might be missing something with regard to the configuration options but i've gone through a several recipes and FP1 files now. 

Organizing Recipes:

The app is a bit convoluted and the docs are minimal but I figured out that the "user profiles" in the X Raw Studio app are a place to store recipes that aren't on the camera (great). I've been playing around with recipes and downloading a bunch. It looks like you can't use nested directories to try to organize which recipes are visible to the app (without some mess of symlinks which may actually be a good option). I'm wondering how others organize a library of recipes? Do you just have a long list and handle it manually or do you muck with the recipe naming to force a sort order? Organizing things on the filesystem is much easier than using the app but i'm looking for suggestions from others.

cheers and thanks in advance for any feedback here!

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I’m not sure which compatibility issues you mean but I’d guess it’s because the processing is done by the camera - so you can’t do anything that wouldn’t have been possible when shooting images with that camera model. If the recipe calls for a film simulation or camera function that isn’t supported then the recipe isn’t going to work properly.

Maybe you can provide links to the posts or recipes that mention processor compatibility.

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I've been looking at the recipes on the FujiXWeekly.com site and they're organized by processor (and then again sometimes by groups of cameras that have the same processor).

I have seen some configuration options called out as being introduced with certain cameras but i guess i haven't yet been able to find a breakdown of each camera (or processor) and whatever control points they all have. Looking through a bunch of recipes the other day i was seeing (mostly) configuration options that were available in both my X-Pro2 (X-Trans III) and X-T5 (X-Trans V) i assume they both render a bit differently but have yet to compare the 2 with the same config.

These "recipes" are a bit confusing in that they tend to be published as a bullet list and then either entered in manually via the camera directly, or via the app, or manually put into an XML file and loaded into the app. It's all a bit... loose - which probably is what's causing confusion for me.

I'll just treat any of them as starting points i guess and go from there. I'd been shooting raw only and post-processing and using recipes for in-camera processing is interesting and something i hadn't really taken any time with until now.

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