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Bad performance in slow motion


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Hello every one,
i have some problem with my X-h2s when i record slow motion.
- first in 240p the image quality is horrible even good exposition and using 640 iso for the f-log.
i have a lot of "aliasing" in the image and very few details in the image (even if i shoot in 720mb/s)
It's strange because on my X-t4 the image look better in 240p ...

- Second when i shoot in 4k120 and 6.2k the image showed in my screen is bad i mean its look like 360p vidéo on it while i shoot in 4k60 for exemple the image on my screen is in good definition.

If someone get the solution he will make my day

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The 240p on the X-H2S is beyond awful. Something with the new stacked sensor design. Essentially, pretend it does not exist and you'll be much happier. If you have the X-T4, use that for 240p.

The 4K120, on the other hand, I find to be excellent. The 6.2K open gate is also excellent. When you say "on your screen" it looks bad, do you mean while monitoring it? Do you mean after you've shot it? Are you using the built in monitor, or an external monitor? I don't find the on camera monitoring problematic.

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The only way I can find to make the 240P somewhat acceptable is to be in bright conditions and get the ISO as low as possible.  Do not use Flog 2!  Minimum ISO is 1250 is too high for 240P.  Flog with a minimum ISO of 640 is OK.  You even might want to consider Eterna at the lowest ISO possible.

It is my impression that FujiFilm laid an egg with the stacked sensor if your goal was to shoot 240P.  

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