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Slow burst rate in CH with mechanical shutter

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The CH burst shooting speed on my XH1 seems to be way slower than it should be on the mechanical shutter. 

I've never really used continuous shooting before, but I need it now for a specific project.

As far as i can tell from timing it with a stopwatch, I'm getting between 5 and 6 fps with the drive dial set to CH. 

I have it set to 11fps in the shooting menu.

Battery grip attached with fully charged batteries, set to "boost". No difference between having the grip on or not. 

I'm getting the same speed whether shooting raw or small JPEGs. It's much faster (around 11 fps) with the electronic shutter, but I can't use that for this project because of the (artificial) lighting conditions. 

I remember my old Xt2 being much faster than this camera. 

Am I missing a setting somewhere? 

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I am currently having exacty the same issues with my X-Pro3 as what’s been mentioned here, bar the batt grip option as there’s no such thing for X-Pro’s. I hope you have since resolved your problem. I am still looking for an answer.

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