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XT3 stuck at Qr code when reboot


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Good evening, I have a problem with my fujifilm xt-3:

I was trying the quick burst function without having inserted the SD card when suddenly the camera turned off and on restarting it gave no signs of life except a quick flash of the main screen and a noise coming from the lens, as if trying to focus. The noise is made whenever the shutter button is pressed, however the rest of the camera is completely non-functional.

I have tried:

Turning it on by changing original batteries
Turning it on by changing lenses
Turning it on without lens mounted
Turning it on with no SD inserted
Turning it on with one or both SDs inserted

Without success. 
After that, I tried updating the firmware by turning it on and holding down the DISP/BACK Button. 

The firmware screen appeared correctly, initially indicating firmware version 4.10
I decided to try updating the firmware to the latest available version, 5.01, a procedure that was successful.

I turned the camera back on and entered time zone, date and time as requested, after which the screen appears with the qr code where to download the mobile app, pressing ok should proceed finally to the camera interface. Unfortunately pressing ok restarts the camera to the same screen, where it asks to scan the qr to download the app and press ok to continue.

What can I do?

The camera is outside warranty period. 

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