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  1. Tibi

    XT3 to XT4

    Of course, at various apertures.
  2. Tibi

    XT3 to XT4

    Aladroer, have you noticed an improvement in AF-C? There doesn't seems to be a significant one. And low light AF-C is still not very good, I make at test at home usually, it is slightly better than X-T3, similar to my Sony A7 III, and far worse than my EOS-R. Oh well, will have to continue to use the EOS-R for really low light I guess ....
  3. Well, you can. I am using one now. But I have unscrewed the left part from my Smallrig one, and it works. On my Canon EOS R using a thumb grip from Meike because of the flippy screen.
  4. Did anyone manage to change filenames on the X-T4? Adding copyright etc works, but changing the filenames not on mine.
  5. I got one too. Not useful due to flippy screen. Can't rotate screen. Had to unscrew and take off left part entirely.
  6. I thought that shooting exclusively in raw is not influenced by the 'Clarity" setting. But it is, my 'Clarity' was set to '1', I reset it to 0 now. Thanks a lot strat68, this solved my issue. Great help.
  7. Hi, I have a very strange issue with the X-T4 which arrived today. My X-T3 is working perfectly, the X-T4 in "S" mode, AF-C, stays like 2 secs on "STORING" with an Adata UHS-II 300 MB/s card. What is strange is that in CH mode at 10 frames / sec, it works perfectly, shot like 200 pictures, and never slowed down, and after i got bored and stopped pressing the shutter, it cleared the buffer in like 2 secs. So writing on card works like a charm. Any ideas how to fix this? At the moment the camera is unusable because of "STORING" thing. Thanks in advance,
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