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Film Simulation BKT

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Have successfully used BKT1 to set 3 different colour film simulations. Now want to do the same with a combination of colour and BW simulations for BKT2. Total failure! 
Taking picture with BKT2 all I get is a single frame taken.

Any ideas as to why?

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I tried this on my X-T30 doing the following:

Go to the Shooting Setting menu, select Drive Setting, select BKT2 Setting, select BKT Select, select Film Simulation Bkt and then exit from this.

A few menu choices below  the BKT Select option, there is the Film Simulation BKT MENU, select it, then for FILM 1, I chose Velvia, for FILM 2, I chose Acros, and for FILM 3, I chose Pro Neg Hi. Push the  DISP/BACK button to save the choices.

After exiting from the menus, I set the top dial to BKT2 and took several photos, each time I got three image sets, the first and third are in color, the second one is in black and white.

Did you set the sims, etc. for both BKT1 and BKT2?

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Thanks for response. Followed instructions in manual to the letter - for both bks.  Bkt1 always works a treat, Bkt2 accepts three simulations but only takes the first Sim set in Bkt2 when taking photos.

Will try your suggestions and let you know how I get on.


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