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EFX-500 trigger compatibility


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Hi all, just joined the forum and would immediately like to reach out with a question if anyone can help? I’ve been using the RF60x +  Cactus triggers which also work with my EfX-500. Now Cactus have ceased trading. I would like to start using the Godox flash systems. I’m just wondering if the Godox triggers will also work with the EFX-500 in TTL as it’s a good flash? Any help appreciated, cheers Dave

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An old post but an answer might be useful to someone. Basic answer is that the Godox triggers. The Godox flashguns will not work with the EFX-500 in TTL mode either. 

However, the Godox system works extremely well and for the price of one EFX-500, you can get 2 of their biffer guns and a third smaller one to act as the trigger on the camera and as a portable stand alone flash.


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