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  1. Hi catesbyw, I'm using a Peak Design Slide LITE Strap on my X-T3, with the "thinner" anchor cords, and thus far, it works just fine! I think Peak Design makes some awesome products, as the strap on this model is super flexible and comfortable. Good luck!
  2. Greetings! Here is a Fall Color image taken with the X-T3...
  3. Greetings! I have an old light microscope that I used to do photomicrography with back in the '70's, and I would like to get back into it, using my Fuji X-Pro 2, However, I need an inexpensive adapter that would faciliate connecting the camera to the ocular (eyepiece) of the microscope. Many years back, I used a simple adapter that had an adjustable ring slider that enabled lenses of various diameters to attach to the microscope, but alas, no longer have access to it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! Regards, Steve email: steve@totalqualityphoto.com
  4. I agree...sensible approach. As an X-Pro2 user, though I love the image quality from the new X-Trans III sensor (combined with the superb Fujinon XF glass, the sharpness and detail rendition is fantastic!), I am curious to see if there is even a slight improvement in image quality between these two cameras, though I realize they use the same sensor and processing engine. Could Fuji have possibly just "tweaked" the engine a bit in the 6 months between cameras, to eek out even more detail from the excellent sensor? (And BTW, I have a mint condition XT-1 with XF 60mm Macro or sale in the classified section, if anyone is interested.) Thank you.
  5. Very nice work, Adventsam! I'm a happy X-Pro2 user, who likewise doesn't use video. That said though, since I'm a glasses wearer, Id be most interested to see the viewfinder of the new XT-2, and how the articulated LCD works as well.
  6. Greetings FujiFilm X-System photographers! As a happy XT-1 landscape and products photographer, I recently upgraded to the X-Pro2. The image quality in large poster prints (18x24 inch and up) from the new sensor is fantastic! However, one issue I found when using a nissin i40 flash on camera is that it will lock up the X-Pro2, regardless of which flash mode is used (manual or TTL). Of course I enable mechanical shutter only, with flash. Further testing is required.
  7. Greetings! As a new user of the awesome X-Pro2, has anyone else had this issue using it with a nissin i40 flash: When mounted on camera, using the default sync speed of 1/250 sec., I get a narrow black band of non-exposure at the bottom edge of the frame. When I decrease shutter speed to 1/125, all is good. Thank you.
  8. A few images of the beautiful State of Oregon
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