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Hi, I’m personally a big fujifilm fan with several cameras, but I have recently bought a 2nd hand white fujifilm X-A2, which has worked fine for now, used with a helios 44-2. Today I turned it on, the screen appears white? Once stretched out, the display seems fine. I was wondering if any of you have faced this issue before & if it’s easily fixable & how. Despite its age, I do really like the camera as a camera to be used with my helios 44-2.



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1 hour ago, cpX said:

This looks like a defect in the cable or plug. Send the digital camera to Fujifilm so that they can make you a cost estimate if they still repair this ancient digital camera.

They don’t repair the X-A2 anymore, it was additionally apparently never officially sold in Switzerland either. Nor is it really ancient, it’s only from 2015, it’s fine outside of this display issue.

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27 minutes ago, cpX said:

Yes, that's a pity.

Interesting to learn that.

Well, 2015 in digital technology is very old for me when you look at the advances in digital camera technology.

I see this myself on the Nikon D850 compared to my Fujifilm X-A1. If I take a video shot at night with the Nikon, then I can see a flying plane, the stars and the Orion Nebula completely. If I do this with the same lens with the same aperture (F/1.4) with the X-A1, then I only see a single white pixel in the video. Sensor technology has continued to evolve.

Yes, if you can live with it that way. Maybe there is another repair service on the Internet for your digital camera. Or do you not want to have the X-A2 repaired at all?

Indeed, I will have to go to Basel to get it repaired, likely. I merely use it with a helios 44-2 as a camera to learn how to use manual focus that still is somewhat good. The pictures it takes are still amazing but it is in a completely different market to the D850, always was and always will be tbh. They are completely different cameras in completely different price brackets.

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