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Biggest zoom - Telephoto lenses


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Hey guys,

I was wondering which are the best/biggest lenses for surf photography at shore. I'll be working again in a surf school and wanted to upgrade my kit, wether by buying a teleconvertor and double my 50-230mm or buying a new and with more range lens. I've heard about the new tamron 16.6x zoom as well.. thoughts?


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Then you'd better take a look at Nikon. They have some good telephoto lenses.

The lenses you have suggested are not so well suited for this. Unless you want to photograph frozen water.

Here you can take a look at which combinations are used:

Surfing Photography

You may also find a Fujifilm digital camera. 😜


If you want to stay at Fujifilm, check out the photos of Troy Williams:

Newport Jetties and HB

He took some photos with the Fujifilm 100-400mm Lens.

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