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  1. Hey guys. I need a better lens for my surf photography job and Was wondering which of these two lenses is better for that. The goal is to shoot from the beach so I think what’s important is the image quality of higher ranges. Am I right? Considering they’re both 300mm and the same price range, is the Fuji a better choice?
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering which are the best/biggest lenses for surf photography at shore. I'll be working again in a surf school and wanted to upgrade my kit, wether by buying a teleconvertor and double my 50-230mm or buying a new and with more range lens. I've heard about the new tamron 16.6x zoom as well.. thoughts? Thanks!
  3. Hey guys. I'm buying one of these primes this week but can't decide which one. I'll use it mainly for portrait photography and surf photography. Can i get some advice? Thanks
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