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Wireless / Tethered Shooting

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Wondering if anyone has any experience using the Eyefi Mobi Pro 32GB card with X Pro-1.  My two main concerns with the Eyefi / X Pro - 1 combo are battery life and speed of transfer to desktop. 


Would appreciate any insight on this. I am hoping that the X Pro-2 will support tethered shooting but want to determine an alternative if not. 



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I use the Eyefi Mobi Pro 32GB card with X Pro-1 all the time. But I only use it to transfer JPGs to iPad, not Raw to Desktop.  I can say that I do not think it kills battery life.  If I were to use it to do "tethered" shooting, I would still only transfer the JPGs wirelessly and rate/cull those, and then download the Raws later and match them up.  


If you would like a specific test done, I could possibly whip something up. 



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I've got a Fuji Xpro 2 and I bought recently a Eyefi MobiPRO to transfert my photos directly to Lightroom (on my Desktop) when shooting in studio.

However, despite I've registered my card, downloaded the Keenai software, and having a connected message on my computer when my camera is on with a the Eyefi MobiPro inside, my photos don't upload in the "Keenai Photos" folder on my PC.


Could someone help?

Thanks in advance for your help

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      I downloaded the new version of Capture One 11.3, which supports tether shooting on GFX cameras, but I'm having some trouble getting things to work properly.
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      I'm on LR CC and have purchased the Fuji Tether Plugin Pro v 1.602.  My XT-2 is on FW 2.10. I open LR and start a new tethered session; File > Tethered Capture > Start new Tethered Capture.  I get a control window that pops up once it recognizes my camera and I can take pictures with the 'shutter' button.  These photos show up in my Library in LR.  
      I can also go to my menu bar and select Show Fuji Tether Plugin Pro.  This brings up a window which, by default, is on Camera (USB) on the left and Preview on the right.  This view does absolutely nothing. I can select PC from the menu on the left which also at first does nothing until I select LIVE VIEW on the right.  Now I can see my camera and make some exposure adjustments.  So, when I want to view what my camera sees, I should not use the menu that says Camera and instead use PC.
      What It seems I can not do is use the AF/MF Settings.  Once I turn on Focus Area, I can click in my frame to designate a focus area but that doesn't actually tell my camera to focus.  When I click on my shutter button, nothing happens. I can not take a picture with the AF/MF Settings turned on.  
      In the Preferences for Fuji Tethered Plugin Pro, there's an option to "Specify action of clicking on the Live View window". The options are Move Focus Area, Instant AF, and Instant AF and Shoot. The first one is the only one that results in a proper action.
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      Noticed some old posts from awhile back but figure there must be something in the works. I understand it's more of a street camera but looking into it's capabilities to replace my Canon. 
      I don't use Light Room but will if I have to set up a Hot Folder or whatever.
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