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Looking to upgrade Fuji X100S


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Hope someone can help with a Christmas gift fuji suggestion.

My wife has owned her trusty X100S for about 7 years and still uses it almost daily.
She loves its classic looks and portability.
We run a small business and use it taking product shots.
She often complains about the X100S struggling in the slightest of low light conditions.
I know she'd like to switch to a fuji with interchangeable lenses.

So the new camera needs to be:
A Fuji
Interchangeable lenses
Preferably less than £1500

I was just looking at the X-E4 ???

Any help massively appreciated!


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if the minimalist control/body style is ok then the x-e4 is a fine choice as it has the latest sensor and processor. if you don't have any XF lenses yet then an x-e4 with the kit 18-55 might be a good starting point, although in your budget the x-s10 with the 16-80 would also fit. i chose the x-s10 over the x-e4 for the larger grip and more control dials. the IBIS came as a bonus for the same money.


you really can't go wrong with any of the latest bodies in the fuji lineup and it's more important what lens you put in front of the sensor. an x-e4 + 23f2 would be the interchangeable equivalent of the x100 (bit larger and without OVF)


i also have the x100s alongside the x-s10 so if you have any specific questions i might be able to help :)

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Define "struggling": do you mean that there are problems with image quality of the pictures taken at low light or that the handling/responsiveness of the camera at those conditions is bad?


In the first case she would be better off with an older body such as the x-e2s or the x-h1 with a (more expensive) larger aperture lens, in the latter case the new body with a cheaper f2 lens would be the better option.

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