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Fuji x-S10 and Fujifilm X Webcam

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Hi all,

I have the same problem and just found this note on the official Fuji website:

"* In case your camera shows the following menu :”SET-UP”>”CONNECTION SETTNG” >”CONNECTION MODE”> “X Webcam”, the setting window of X Webcam on your computer cannot be used.
The settings for INSTANT AF, EXPOSURE COMPENSATION, FILM SIMULATION, and so on need to be set on the camera before connecting the USB cable."


So that means the X-S10 is actually compatible but the settings need to be made in the camera before connecting the USB cable.

I hope that helps.

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8 hours ago, Conradee said:

my fuji x s10 work like a web camera. no any problems in skype. But I ask you, people, can I connect my x s10 with Capture one? I like to make a pictures directly from Capture One. It is possible with x s10?

unfortunately, the s10 does not support tethering. you cannot take pictures using C1. 

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On 12/5/2020 at 10:19 AM, Joe Roxx said:


  • Webcam Mode
    • This is unique to the X-A7 and X-T200 cameras.
    • This does not require software to be installed on the PC. Instead, this requires a firmware upgrade on the camera to enable the USB Webcam feature.
    • This is "plug and play". No other settings can be changed.
    • The video quality is not professional-grade.

NOTE: I tried using my X-T200 as a webcam but I switched back to the a6400. On the X-T200, the video quality was not good and as well, it does not charge the battery while in use.

Apologies for maybe being slightly off-topic here (not x-S10 related), but the X-T200 has been mentioned several times in this thread, and I'm currently frustrated trying to use a brand-new Fuji X-T200 as in USB webcam mode.   It connects just fine over USB to my Windows 10 laptop, but what's frustrating is that the USB webcam mode seems to override all the Shooting Menu options (notably, forcing it into Continuous Auto-Focus) and so even if I'm not moving, it still insists on hunting for focus repeatedly --- causing the webcam image to go very noticeably OUT-of-focus before returning back in focus.

I'm curious if this matches Joe Roxx's [brief?] experience with the X-T200, or if my camera body is defective (I've tried several Fuji XF prime lenses in place of the kit XC zoom lens, and the behavior is the same, so I doubt it's the fault of the lens), or if I may have some menu setting incorrect?  My X-T200 came with firmware v1.10 pre-installed, and after encountering this problem I upgraded to the latest firmware v1.11 release, but the frequent hunting for focus problem remains.

I also tried it with an AI-to-FX adapted (hence manual focus only) Nikon prime lens, but the X-T200 then seemingly refused to identify itself to Windows as a USB Webcam at all.  (By this point last night it was rather late, so I didn't go back to the Fuji XC kit zoom or an XF prime lens to prove that the non-auto-focus-capable adapted lens was the only reason the X-T200 wouldn't connect as a USB Webcam.  I'll investigate this more today, but rather than continuing to beat my head against a wall, I thought it might be better to see how my my X-T200 webcam experience to date compares with others' on-line).   Also on my troubleshooting to-do-list is to check whether additional room lighting might help ... but hand-held as a still-camera, the X-T200 had no trouble at all auto-focusing on objects scattered around my comfortably-lit home office last night.

Any comments/suggestions would be much appreciated.

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x-t200 - bought this before getting the s10. wanted to use it for professional education. erratic autofocus and Fuji disabled the ability to switch to manual focus. sad, b/c the camera was small and light, ideal as a webcam. I sold it after a week.

Unfortunately, Fuji does not have a reasonable webcam strategy. only the big and heavy cams are fully functional. currently I am using my  x-t30 with a capture card. works but there are easier ways if Fuji wanted to....

also see this thread here:https://www.diyphotography.net/the-fuji-x-t200-and-x-a7-now-work-as-regular-usb-webcams-fuji-x-webcam-software-coming-to-mac/#comment-5224206340

sorry, just saw you have already been there.....small world..😀

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additional info
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Thanks 0301chris ... yes, I've been working my way through internet search hits for X-T200 webcam user experience.

After reinstalling the kit XC zoom lens on my X-T200, turning the camera back on and reconnecting to my laptop, the USB webcam was not recognized either.   Shutting down and rebooting the laptop fixed this, and then I tried again to powering down the camera, changing to the adapted Nikon lens (manual focus only), and found the X-T200 *will* work in that mode with only manual focus (hence no hunting-for-autofocus problem, regardless of light level).  Could have been a Win10 laptop problem not recognizing the X-T200 USB Webcam last night.

Secondly, I also discovered that with additional light in the room, the X-T200 actually does do a much better job of maintaining focus with the kit XC zoom lens, and when I do change position (changing my distance from the camera), it will refocus with an AF lens, but the image doesn't go noticeably more out-of-focus in the process.    So the initial problems I encountered last night were apparently related to its difficulty focusing in a comfortably-lit room at night (without benefit of any light coming through the windows, as it was dark outside).

In the near future I'll experiment some evening to see how much additional indoor light it will take to eliminate the troublesome hunting for focus in my home office environment.   But another solution is to use a non-autofocus-capable 3rd-party adapter to mount a non-Fuji-X lens onto the X-T200, and use that via manual focus -- the X-T200 USB webcam defaults to aperture-priority mode in that case, which is ideal given an aperture-ring on the lens and the exposure-compensation control on the X-T200.

I'll post a summary update in the Disqus comments over on the DIY-photography blog also.

Thanks again.

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many thanks for the insights jkmccarthy! one thing I tried was using my 16mm f1.4 lens with an open aperture to let more light in. off course, the shallow depth of field drove the AF crazy. your approach seems better! good luck with all. 

anyone made progress with using the s10 as webcam?

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@jkmccarthy @0301chris

X-T200 - Since there isn't any controls to the camera settings in Webcam mode, I do not use the X-T200 as a webcam. I have continued to use my Sony a6400 for this purpose instead. I do think you're on the right track - if there's nothing that can be done via software or in-camera in Webcam mode, then the next best thing is to change the shooting conditions in your environment - in this case making lighting adjustments.

The XC15-45 lens does have some surprises. With better lighting, it does seem to "focus hunt" less. In some cases, even better than the XF18-55. Also, the XC15-45 "remembers" the last focal range you used. So if I set it to 30mm and turn it off and the lens retracts, when I turn it back on, it zooms back to 30mm. I do not recall any other zoom lens that does this. At least not the ones I've used.

If you're using Zoom, there's a video setting in the Zoom client that will allow you to adjust for poor lighting conditions. This may help to brighten your appearance in the video conference to some degree.

X-S10 - Still no luck with the X-S10 as a webcam even with the most recent firmware upgrade. The only "progress" is from the post by @davidkrol. I think that footnote is recent as I don't recall seeing that previously. It does help make the X-S10 somewhat usable as a webcam but that defeats the purpose of the X Webcam. In a way, it puts in in a similar boat as the X-T200. 

Clearly, the advantage here is on the Sony a series + Imaging Edge.

I've still kept the Fuji cameras. But recently, Tamron has released the 17-70mm lens with VC (their version of OIS) and it appears that the stabilization is amazing. I may consider parting with some Fuji gear.

@0301chris For a mirrorless webcam - did you look into the Sony option further?

Good luck to all.

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@Joe Roxxyes, thanks to your encouragement I have broadened my search process...Sony option does look really good. After the embarrassment of executing ill-researched purchasing decisions (x-t30, x-t200, s10) I am taking my time now to clarify my actual needs as opposed to my tech-obsessed "wants"....will def share any news and experiences.

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    • X100S https://fujistreetphotography.wordpress.com/
    • Which manual settings did you use? Don‘t depend just on the viewfinder in dark environents or with large aperture values since it will brighten up the picture with standard viewfinder settings. Look at the exposure indicator, should be around 0.
    • When I shoot "street" with adapted lenses I use f8 - f11, if I want utilize max aperture (1.2 - 1.8) I try to focus without focus peaking as it might cheat you.
    • Finally picked up an XF 100-400mm after looking for a good deal for a while and took it out for a spin this weekend. Fired off a few tests shots and they seemed fine but then everything after that was heavily under exposed to the point I could barely make out the image. Nothing was changed in any major way in terms of manual settings and if I switched to a different lens the issue was gone and all images appeared in view mode as they appeared through the viewfinder when taken. Back to the 100-400 and switched to auto mode and then all the photos were fine but everything I shot with manual settings was under exposed again. Am I missing something? It seems like it's purely a lens issue and nothing to do with the settings as I tried 3 other lenses and didn't have any issues with any of them. I'm at a loss here and would love some help. I'm hoping it's just something really easy I've overlooked.. (Shooting with an X-Pro 2)
    • I like buying local. But I also like to check internet prices. and I also dont like getting bent over on pricing but once again I like to support our local stores. I called a local camera shop and the price was close to double what ebays new pricing is. Is there a difference in actual Fuji lenses like where they are made or quality differences? In the same lens  Thanks for any help Rick
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