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  1. @0301chris It is unfortunate that this was not addressed by Fuji with this firmware release for the X-T30 (unsurprised but still disappointed). I'm resigned to the fact that the X-S10 may not be usable with X Webcam in future versions neither. While I will keep the X-S10 and X-T200 cameras (if it weren't for Film Simulations and, IBIS on the X-S10...), I will no longer further invest into the ecosystem. I will instead keep using the Sony a6400 as my primary camera and professional-grade webcam. I was looking forward to purchasing more Fujinon or Viltrox lenses but now I'll go for the recently-released Tamron 17-70mm F/2.8 Di III-A VC RXD instead. While a capture card + OBS approach is a viable workaround, that feeling of being mislead about X Webcam compatibility with the X-S10 is what I find aggravating. I almost made the switch from Sony to Fujifilm but that will not happen now. And since Sony has been able to shrink the form-factor of a full-frame camera body down to that of an APS-C (such as the Sony a7C), maybe full-frame is on the horizon. Good luck with the search @0301chris and to everyone as well.
  2. @0301chris Apparently, Fujifilm just released the firmware update for the X-T30 (v 1.40). Hopefully it does what we hope it would do. LINK - NEWS | FUJIFILM X Series & GFX – Global (fujifilm-x.com) Good luck.
  3. I think Face and Eye Detection will need to be disabled for the autofocus range limiter to be available.
  4. Using a capture card and OBS - those were the days. Along with the the Sony a6400, that was my set up in order to use my camera for videoconferencing back in early 2020. It was cumbersome but at least I can change the framerate in-camera or via Imaging Edge Desktop, I was so glad when Sony released native webcam support for the a6400 and I can stop using OBS and a capture card. Simply install Image Edge Webcam and it's plug-and-play. I was expecting the Fujifilm X-S10 to offer similar capabilities but that was not the case. Pre-setting the X-S10 before connecting to Zoom/Teams/Webex - this pretty much defeats the purpose of the X Webcam software. And as it stands, the video quality is worse than a high-resolution webcam. Version 2.1 of X Webcam still does not fully support the X-S10. Quite disappointing... I used a MyPIN capture card. Not sure if it will work with the X-S10 but it did with the a6400.
  5. This video post shows what can be done to limit focus hunting. The gentleman in the video used the X-S10's autofocus range limiter. Maybe it will work in X Webcam mode...
  6. @jkmccarthy @0301chris X-T200 - Since there isn't any controls to the camera settings in Webcam mode, I do not use the X-T200 as a webcam. I have continued to use my Sony a6400 for this purpose instead. I do think you're on the right track - if there's nothing that can be done via software or in-camera in Webcam mode, then the next best thing is to change the shooting conditions in your environment - in this case making lighting adjustments. The XC15-45 lens does have some surprises. With better lighting, it does seem to "focus hunt" less. In some cases, even better than the XF18-55. Also, the XC15-45 "remembers" the last focal range you used. So if I set it to 30mm and turn it off and the lens retracts, when I turn it back on, it zooms back to 30mm. I do not recall any other zoom lens that does this. At least not the ones I've used. If you're using Zoom, there's a video setting in the Zoom client that will allow you to adjust for poor lighting conditions. This may help to brighten your appearance in the video conference to some degree. X-S10 - Still no luck with the X-S10 as a webcam even with the most recent firmware upgrade. The only "progress" is from the post by @davidkrol. I think that footnote is recent as I don't recall seeing that previously. It does help make the X-S10 somewhat usable as a webcam but that defeats the purpose of the X Webcam. In a way, it puts in in a similar boat as the X-T200. Clearly, the advantage here is on the Sony a series + Imaging Edge. I've still kept the Fuji cameras. But recently, Tamron has released the 17-70mm lens with VC (their version of OIS) and it appears that the stabilization is amazing. I may consider parting with some Fuji gear. @0301chris For a mirrorless webcam - did you look into the Sony option further? Good luck to all.
  7. The good news - Version 1.02 of the firmware for the X-S10 was released. The bad news - X Webcam 2 still does not work with the X-S10. Only roughly a month in between firmware releases so there's reason to believe this will be fixed. Let's see if the update to the X Webcam software would do the trick.
  8. Saw a similar issue in the X-T4 thread. Since the X-S10's smaller IBIS module is based on the X-T4, perhaps this "feature" was carried over. I'm glad my X-S10 does not behave this way. Though not a defect, personally speaking, it would be somewhat unnerving to have this occur. To this day, I find it mildly annoying that my Sigma 30mm lens does something similar.
  9. Similar reports in the X-S10 thread. Same suspicion - the IBIS module. The X-S10's IBIS module is based on the X-T4's design but at a 30% smaller footprint. I have the X-S10 but my camera does not exhibit this behaviour though some X-S10 owners do.
  10. FYI - I'm new to the Fuji world (X-T200 and X-S10). These two appear to be possible options: Capture One - https://fujifilm-x.com/global/products/software/capture-one/. Tethered Shooting Software HS-V5 for Windows - http://fujifilm-x.com/global/support/compatibility/software/hs-v5/. Capture One Express is free but the tethering option requires a paid-for upgrade to Pro. Not clear if Tethered Shooting Software is still supported. On the Sony side (I've the a6400), there's Imaging Edge - https://imagingedge.sony.net/en-ca/ie-desktop.html. I find there's a lot more features with the Sony option instead of the Fuji. This should work with lower end/older a6000 series cameras as well.
  11. I've the X-T200 and the X-S10. I actually find the display on the 3.5" display on the X-T200 "better" than the 3" display on the X-S10. Just for kicks, I used a magnifying glass to compare when I saw your post. It was not a scientific comparison by any stretch, just "eyeballing" it. They appeared pretty comparable with a slight advantage to the X-T200.
  12. Much respect to you Aimee. Please be safe and thank you for what you do. As for the "clunking" - does the same thing happen when its just the camera body? Or does it only happen when there's a lens attached to it? With my X-S10, there is no clunking noise whether its body only, nor with either my XC15-45 or XF18-55 f2.8-4 lens attached. The closest thing I've experienced with any clunking of sorts is with Sigma lenses. The lens would appear to have something moving internally (as if something's loose) but it goes away as soon as the camera is turned on. Another possibility - the IBIS module. Ideally, there should be no loose components inside regardless of when the camera is on or off.
  13. QUESTION: Any advise on which Fujinon lens that's best suited for videos? I currently have the XC15-45 kit lens and the XF18-55 f2.8-4 lenses that I use with either the X-T200 or X-S10. The lenses are OK but I need one that's better for low light. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Note that this is just mostly for recreational travel videos. Also - see the link below. I'm concerned how much noise the lens motor makes during focusing and may make these lenses not suitable for videos. .
  14. DaVinci Resolve has quite a bit of a learning curve (for me at least). I use it mainly for stabilizing videos. Try VSDC or HitFilms. Like DaVinci Resolve, the free versions have enough features available for most needs. VSDC is more fully featured. There's a small cost to upgrade to a "pro" version which enables hardware acceleration especially handy if you have video card that you can utilize for video-related tasks.
  15. Profile Hybrid shooter and non-professional. Mainly recreational travel photography/videography. I've just recently jumped into the Fuji world. Just recently stepped-up to interchangeable lens cameras - was using point-and-shoot cameras/mobile phones previously. Coincidentally, a trip to New Zealand and Australia (late 2019/early 2020 pre-pandemic) was my first "real world" use of a mirrorless camera. Recently, I've been trying out macro photography and YouTube. Also, I'm trying to "salvage" older video footage taken with point-and-shoot or video cameras: Canon Vixia HF100, various Canon PowerShot cameras, various Sony Cyber-shot cameras, and an Olympus TG-3. Gear Sony a6400 | SELP18105g f4 OSS | SELP1655 f3.5-56 OSS | Sigma 30 f2.8 Art DN Fujifilm X-T200 | XC15-45 f3.5-5.6 OIS Fujifilm X-S10 | XF18-55 f2.8-4 OIS Sony Cyber-shot HX99 30x Zoom - if you want to travel light and not carry monstrous lenses and have that 720mm reach Samsung S10+ iFootage monopod, Neewer tripod Rode mic Editing With Fujifilm colour science and Film Simulations, I'm trying to use footage straight-out-of-camera. I do use a variety of tools where the need arises: VSDC Luminar Windows Photos and Video Editor Da Vinci Resolve HItFilm Express
  16. I'm new to the Fuji world. I have an X-T200 and an X-S10. I also have a Sony a6400. One of the primary reasons I purchased the X-S10 is for its IBIS. Stabilization for Video The Sony a6400 has no IBIS so I have to use only lenses with OSS (Optical Steady Shot aka OIS everywhere else). Note that with Sony APS-C cameras, stabilization is not its forte whether or not its IBIS or lens-based. With handheld videos, if I'm walking carefully or if I'm stationary, the footage is "not too bad" - it is usable in some cases or it can be stabilized by software. With the X-T200, with OIS enabled on the XF18-55mm f2.8-4 or even the XC15-45mm PZ kit lens, the footage is somewhat "comparable" to that of the a6400 from a stabilization perspective. But the video quality on the a6400 is generally better (that's because of Sony's better autofocusing system). I have only had the X-S10 recently and have not yet used it much to date. But so far what I can tell is this - the effect of the stabilization features appear to be cumulative. Using IBIS only or IBIS + OIS or IBIS + OIS + IBIS Boost - the video stabilization seems to improve as more stabilization features are used in combination with each other. I have not yet used the Digital IS as I seem to recall this feature will result in cropping. With the few videos I've taken, the X-S10 with IBIS + OIS appears to be more stable than footage taken from either the X-T200 or the a6400. For video quality: X-S10 > X-T200 but it's too early to tell how the X-S10 stacks up with the a6400.
  17. Yes - enjoy the holiday season. Congrats on completing your teaching term for 2020. Here's to being rid of 2020! May 2021 bring us better everything (can't get any worse, right?).
  18. Fuji added a "bunch o stuff" with the X-T3 in a recent firmware upgrade so I'm more hopeful than not. Sony seldom releases firmware updates (but then again if the product works out of the gate... 🙂). If the a6400 is any indication, I've had back-to-back-to back meetings that last several hours cumulatively. On some occasions, it's pretty much on for the entire workday. I've no overheating issues to worry about. It doesn't overheat generally speaking. It is also unlikely to overheat for videoconferencing since the camera isn't recording - it's "just" acting as a webcam. Don't need a dummy battery either. This might suit your use case with long teaching sessions. I've seen an a6000 including a 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 kit lens - cost around $600 Canadian dollars (Black Friday). The X-T200 w/ kit lens is sub $700 Canadian on sale. The X-S10 is around $1350-ish Canadian body only. If bokeh isn't a requirement, the Sony combo may do the trick. It would still be definitely better than built-in laptop cameras or even a Logitech top-of-the-line webcam. I also bought a cheap second-hand Sigma 30 mm f2.8 lens. With this, I look like one of those fancy YouTubers. It definitely impresses the folks I have Zoom/Teams meetings with. The X-T3 is full frame, right? Monstrous footprint indeed. The a6000 line is svelte in comparison. In fact, the a6400 is smaller than the X-S10. And the flip-up screen occupies less space than the fully articulating side-mounted screen of the X-S10. It may sound like I'm pushing for the Sony but I'm not (apologies if that's how it comes across). It just just seems to fit your needs better than the Fuji options. I wish some Sony features were on the Fuji - Clear Image Zoom, no recording limit, no overheating. And I wish some Fuji features were on the Sony - colour science, Film Simulations, a power zoom kit lens that remembers the focal length so I don't have to reset it each time I power on the camera, and lastly - a "soul" that makes photography fun. Good luck to us all.
  19. Luxury problems 🙂 Indeed, in the overall scheme of things, there are far more pressing issues. Contemplating leaving the Fuji family? I'm just jumping on-board. Tech-wise, I find Sony better and am not going to abandon ship entirely (case in point - overheating is not an issue). I "needed" a second camera and found the X-T200 at a substantial discount. And since it came with (the much underrated) XC kit lens, purchase it I did. That was the gateway to the Fuji world - it's the colour science and Film Simulations that got me. Then came the X-S10 with IBIS. Hook, line and sinker. Now if only Fuji fixes the webcam feature... If searching for a "high-end" webcam that can act as an alternate or B-roll camera in a pinch, a lower end a6000 series may fit the bill. A Sony a6000 with a 16-50 kit lens was selling for less than the X-T200. (This is kinda the reverse of what I ended up doing). I did the capture card + OBS, etc. thing earlier on. Definitely a hassle.
  20. Refer to this link - https://fujifilm-x.com/en-us/webcam-support/. Fuji has two methods to allow certain camera models to work as a webcam: X Webcam 2 This software is compatible with higher-end models. This enables access to some camera settings such as Film Simulations, white balance, etc. Obviously, this should result in a more professional-grade look compared to even the best dedicated webcams in the market. In the link above, the X-S10 is not listed as a supported model (as of this writing). This link however https://fujifilm-x.com/global/support/compatibility/software/x-webcam/ includes the X-S10 as a supported camera model (as of this writing). NOTE: Sony has an equivalent feature. I have had several positive comments when using my a6400 for videoconferencing (Zoom/Teams/Webex) and have been asked for advise on how others can do the same thing. From the looks of things, the Sony controls are more advanced - I can even control the frame rate. Webcam Mode This is unique to the X-A7 and X-T200 cameras. This does not require software to be installed on the PC. Instead, this requires a firmware upgrade on the camera to enable the USB Webcam feature. This is "plug and play". No other settings can be changed. The video quality is not professional-grade. NOTE: I tried using my X-T200 as a webcam but I switched back to the a6400. On the X-T200, the video quality was not good and as well, it does not charge the battery while in use. UPDATE: Just now, I tried the X-S10 with Zoom. It appears the X Webcam 2 software is needed just so that I can use the X-S10 in Zoom. Without X Webcam 2, it does not work. I'll experiment with it some more. Regardless, the X Webcam 2 software still does not detect the camera so there's no access to the "special" settings and therefore the video quality is not professional-grade. The good news: this probably indicates this is not a physical defect. The bad news: we'll have to wait and hope that Fuji fixes this the next time they release updates. More and more, consumers have become beta testers. Manufacturers release products at such a rate where it is almost an expectation that some features will not work out-of-the-box. Manufacturers release products in order to meet release dates with the intent to fix flaws later. Or, they wait until there are enough of us that point out the problems and demand a fix.
  21. Interesting. I'm on firmware 1.01 for X-S10. X Webcam 2 doesn't detect the camera. But X Acquire does and I can save camera settings to a file. I also have an X-T200 and a6400. With X-T200 the :regular webcam works and but definitely not compatible with X Webcam 2. Even on a newer, clean-install computer, no luck with X-S10 and X Webcam 2.
  22. Thanks 0301chris for checking and confirming. This is disappointing to hear. From a cost/features/build standpoint, the X-S10 looks good. But I expect Fuji to live up to their part of the bargain - if they market certain features to be supported, then it should do just that. So at this point, not only does the X-S10 not work with X Webcam 2, without USB tethering, it will not even work as a regular webcam! At least the X-T200 does. In comparison, I find if Sony states it has feature X, it really has it and works as advertised. The a6400 works great as a webcam - emphasis on "work". If it weren't for IBIS and Film Simulation, it would've been an easier decision to return the X-S10. I'll wait to see if they enable this in a future firmware update.
  23. Never managed to get it to work. X Webcam does not detect it at all. If I switch to Connection Settings | USB Card, it at least allows copying of photos/videos. BTW - are you using a Mac or PC? Definitely, it does not work on PCs.
  24. Although it seems to indicate that the X Webcam 2 is compatible with the X-S10, I'm having the same issues as well - the X Webcam 2 does not detect the X-S10 camera. Tried it on 3 different computers, different cables, different USB ports, plugged in directly (even tried connecting via hub though apparently this is not recommended). The camera has the current firmware. The camera is set to Connection Mode | X Webcam. Unfortunately, the camera does not have any other USB tethering modes so I cannot use it as a webcam other than with the X Webcam 2 software (which is not working at the moment). At least now we know we're not the only ones having this issue.
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