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  1. Can you try to connect your workstation through Ethernet and see if there is a dramatic change?
  2. Yes + Eterna bleach bypass
  3. i declare that it is perfectly usable as I use it daily with a decent speed and no bug.
  4. Is you PC ethernet wired to you router or in wifi ?
  5. Quick test on the X-Pro 3. For 6 files (3 lossless compressed RAW + 3 JPEGs), from start to finish including connection : 1m 40 seconds. Never had a crash either. How are you setup? What kind of router do you have?
  6. None that I know of. What symptoms do you have?
  7. My experience is that it is slow. Not buggy though, once properly setup.
  8. Bad quoting, my bad. Although I DID mean to quote your ISO comparison. THAT makes absolutely no sense to me. By a wide margin. My experience is that XT3 outperforms XT2 in High ISO in all circumstances.
  9. What are you talking about? Care to give us some examples? Cause that's absolutely not my experience.
  10. Well, even if we assume it was a 100 ft distance, he'd still get over 100ft DoF. I agree the 18-135 is better stopped down but not to the point of having an 88mm f5/6 shot completely blurry like that.
  11. Just a quick calculation. At f 5.6, with a subject at 300ft, you get focus from 105ft to infinity. At f8, you get focus from 85ft to infinity. It would have had to be a serious focus error for it being a depth of field problem.
  12. You'll need to sacrifice one of the 7. Say you want to swap C1 and C2 and sacrifice C7 1. Apply C1 2. Don't change anything. Record it as C7 3. Apply C2 4. Save as C1 5. Apply C7 6. Save as C2 And so on for C3/4 and C5/6
  13. By selecting the manual focus option on the focus selector, you will only alter the way autofocus works. That means you retain all other automated functions of the camera such as ISO, aperture and shutter speed, unless you choose to go into manual mode for any of them. So yes it's exactly like an old camera regarding manual focus. The X-Pro1 will help you manually focus through some nice features (focus peaking, focus point zoom) for example. Have fun!
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