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  1. Missed your reply, sorry. You will probably have a hell of a time focusing at 800mm unless it's a completely static subject or using very high aperture numbers. The 800 will only give you 1200mm equivalent anyway, so off by a wide margin. If you're going for astro at 3000mm, you are going to need a 2000$ mount and you won't be able to see anything because you'd be at f11+ equivalent (except for moon). For the moon, you will get the same or better results with the 400 + 1.4x than with the p1000. The p1000 has a 1/2.3" sensor. That's 13 times smaller surface, which means you
  2. On Bulb the shutter will stay open as long as you press the shutter button. If you want to modulate the speed, you need to use T mode. Then, according to the Button/Dial setting, you can change the Shutter speed with the front or back dial.
  3. On the long end, the p1000 is a 3000 mm FF equivalent. Longest native lens is the 100-400 mm. Couple it with the TC 2x you get 800mm, so 1200 mm FF equivalent. You'd get much higher quality than the pxx00 with that combination but far from the focal length. You will never get such a versatile zoom range in one (or even 2) lense(s) on the Fuji system.
  4. Mode B = déclencher et maintenir appuyé pour commencer la prise, relacher quand le temps de pose requis est atteint. Mode T = réglage du temps de pose par la molette arrière.
  5. Auto focus definitely better. Image quality should not be visible on real life images. No B&W in camera fine tweaking on the Pro2 nor the latest film simulations. If you shoot RAW and don't need advanced focus modes and fine tuning, Pro2 should be fine.
  6. I'd love it on the X-Pro 3 for sure. Could be a firmware upgrade on the V too... (And I was wrong, auto-iso is accessible on the front dial of the X-T3 as well. )
  7. Try setting the Shutter dial to T. I don't believe any Fuji allows you to switch between Auto ISO modes with the front dial (through C), only cycling through ISO values.
  8. Hi, Go to Menu / AFMF / Instant AF setting --> AF-S
  9. From what I see, if there is a difference, it is not perceptible.
  10. Your drive is probably formatted with a file system that doesn't support files larger than 4.3GB. On mac I think you need Extended Journaled as a format. See here : https://discussions.apple.com/thread/250796640
  11. Can you try to connect your workstation through Ethernet and see if there is a dramatic change?
  12. Yes + Eterna bleach bypass
  13. i declare that it is perfectly usable as I use it daily with a decent speed and no bug.
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