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  1. I came across the manycam solution from this video. He had a similar problem and ended up using Manycam as a workaround.
  2. I just actually bought the standard Manycam license and it works very well. It also works with the free version but the resolution is a bit limited and you have the watermark on it. It is annoying that I had to purchase another piece of software and I have no affiliations with Manycam, by the way. However, I am really glad I found something that works. At least, now I can use the X-S10 as my main webcam for recordings for my teaching etc. This solution may not be perfect for everyone's needs but it's enough for me.
  3. I found a workaround to get it to show up as a webcam in Powerpoint. I installed Manycam and it now shows up as a webcam in Powerpoint with the Fujifilm X Webcam software installed, as well. The only issues is that Manycam comes with a watermark for the free version. I will test it and if it works well, I may purchase a license. In any case, Manycam seems to work like a link to other software that doesn't recognise the Fuji as a webcam. It now even works on the camera app in Windows.
  4. I really do hope Fujifilm will come up with a way for the X-S10 to show up in the Windows 10 Device Manager (under Control Panel) as one of the 'Cameras' rather than as 'Portable devices'. That seems to be why it doesn't show up in things like the Windows Camera app or in Powerpoint. Zoom and Skype can somehow detect it, even so it is not listed as a Camera, but many other applications do not seem to be able to detect the X-S10 as a webcam, even with the Fuji software installed. I also bought the Fuji X-S10 in part because I wanted to use it as a camera recording lectures I do in my teaching. I mainly use the Powerpoint with the recording feature to do that. It is very disappointing that it does not work. I am now back to recording with my webcam. I'm gutted. I guess I may have to invest into one of these video cards, but it sounds quite complicated.
  5. Hi all, I have the same problem and just found this note on the official Fuji website: "* In case your camera shows the following menu :”SET-UP”>”CONNECTION SETTNG” >”CONNECTION MODE”> “X Webcam”, the setting window of X Webcam on your computer cannot be used. The settings for INSTANT AF, EXPOSURE COMPENSATION, FILM SIMULATION, and so on need to be set on the camera before connecting the USB cable." https://fujifilm-x.com/en-au/support/compatibility/software/x-webcam/ So that means the X-S10 is actually compatible but the settings need to be made in the camera before connecting the USB cable. I hope that helps.
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