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  1. update: I finally discovered an amazing solution to our webcam problems. Bought a Blackmagic Atem mini switcher (very reasonably priced). It has inputs for 4 cameras or devices through HDMI (and built in capture cards for each). I now run my x-t30 (sold my s-10 out of frustration) for hours as a webcam with no problems! Great quality and AF also great. I can switch between cameras in a zoom call like a pro. can add lower thirds and logos to my zoom calls. also has a fantastic chroma key engine built in. for me and for teaching and conferencing online this is a breakthrough discovery (btw I also bought an Elgato Stream Deck device to run complex macros on the Atem mini and to control all aspects of a zoom call - not necessary but great fun 🤩). this is what my setup looks like currently (sorry for the musli bowl...)
  2. @Joe Roxxthanks Joe, yes, saw that. First reports from users paint a grim picture (sadly predictably)...seems like the x-t30 got the same ineffective treatment that the s-10 got...seems that you cannot use the webcam app in any way to control video settings. seemingly problems with video quality. if I can get better results with my logitech webcam, what's the point? I have not updated the firmware yet, to protect me from frustration....😉 Update: ok, could not hold back any longer and updated firmware. x-t30 webcam works like what I remember from the x-t200 and s-10 - low resolution video at low fps -> video is not crisp and stuttering, totally unprofessional, unusable as a webcam! My advice - if you need a pro webcam, don't count on Fuji, see what @Joe Roxxrecommends (several posts above)
  3. Has anyone tried the new webcam functionality? any thoughts on video quality for a HD zoom call where a logitech webcam does not have better quality at 1080p then the x-t30 with the Fuji webcam?
  4. for what it's worth, I am very pleased with this capture card: https://www.avermedia.com/us/product-detail/BU110 btw, in a few weeks, supposedly the x-t30 gets webcam functionality, including the ability to use Fuji film simulations. Hopefully, this strategic change by Fuji means they will also rethink s-10 functionality. fingers crossed
  5. @Joe Roxxyes, thanks to your encouragement I have broadened my search process...Sony option does look really good. After the embarrassment of executing ill-researched purchasing decisions (x-t30, x-t200, s10) I am taking my time now to clarify my actual needs as opposed to my tech-obsessed "wants"....will def share any news and experiences.
  6. many thanks for the insights jkmccarthy! one thing I tried was using my 16mm f1.4 lens with an open aperture to let more light in. off course, the shallow depth of field drove the AF crazy. your approach seems better! good luck with all. anyone made progress with using the s10 as webcam?
  7. x-t200 - bought this before getting the s10. wanted to use it for professional education. erratic autofocus and Fuji disabled the ability to switch to manual focus. sad, b/c the camera was small and light, ideal as a webcam. I sold it after a week. Unfortunately, Fuji does not have a reasonable webcam strategy. only the big and heavy cams are fully functional. currently I am using my x-t30 with a capture card. works but there are easier ways if Fuji wanted to.... also see this thread here:https://www.diyphotography.net/the-fuji-x-t200-and-x-a7-now-work-as-regular-usb-webcams-fuji-x-webcam-software-coming-to-mac/#comment-5224206340 sorry, just saw you have already been there.....small world..😀
  8. unfortunately, the s10 does not support tethering. you cannot take pictures using C1.
  9. Tethering is not supported by the x-s10. Some optimists think that this lack of functionality is a bug that will be fixed by Fuji. unfortunately, not offering tethering in the x-s10 is a strategic marketing decision by Fuji like they did with the x-t30. x-aquire only enables usb-based download of pictures or videos stored on the camera. you can do this with any file explorer.
  10. hope is not a good basis for decision making. if you go to the Fuji x webcam website you get a compatibility chart that lists the x-s10 as "compatible" but does not spell out what that actually means. when you scroll down to the webcam 2.0 description Fuji lists only the following cameras as working with the app: Applicable models are GFX100, GFX 50S, GFX 50R, X-H1, X-Pro3, X-Pro2, X-T4, X-T3 and X-T2. This is also what Fuji service confirmed over the phone. Compatibility in practice means the following: The webcam app recognizes the x-s10 and lists the camera and the installed firmware in the app interface (unlike the x-t30 that it does not recognize). But none of the settings are available. It just patches the camera's video through as a x-webcam for use in skype or zoom etc. This is a marketing and price discrimination decision by Fuji not a technical problem that will be fixed. If you want T4 webcam functionality at the x-s10's price point you need to get an x-t3.
  11. great, that you are joining the discussion. I am using a AVerMedia ExtremeCap as a HDMI capture card. works well and is very mobile. using the same settings that you have. runs for hours in my zoom calls. camera gets warm but not hot. FHD with 29.97p and a dummy battery.
  12. much appreciate all the info, great! thank you x-t3 is aps-c , enjoy the holiday season, did my last teaching today in 2020, have some time to think...
  13. hmmmm, less overheating with Sony? Need the cam for longer teaching sessions and overheating is an issue. unfortunately, I bought several great Fuji lenses, so switching is costly. an x-t3 could be an option but then I have this big monster sitting over my PC screen. this is why the x-t30 or x-s10 are such missed opportunities b/c of their size and weight they could be ideal semi pro webcams. judging from how Fuji refused to enable usb streaming for the for the x-t30 I have no hope that a firmware update will expand the x-s10 capability. enjoy the world of Fuji, other than the webcam issue I love my x-t30 and lenses!
  14. Thanks Joe Roxx! can confirm your analysis. had the x-t200 a few weeks ago and video was not great, if I remember correctly I also could not set focus to manual and returned it. at the moment, I am using my x-t30 with a HDMI capture card and a dummy battery. works ok but I no longer take pictures because disassembling is a hassle...;-) luxury problems, I agree.
  15. The video signal is just patched through like with the x-t200, none of the app settings work with the camera. Calling this "compatible" is misleading. The way Fuji does not just make this very clear before you buy it is really fishy....btw I could get a USB video signal in zoom. but the FHD sognal was visibly stuttering and I lost the signal randomly within a period of 10-40 sec. never got a stable video in zoom on 2 win 10 PCs and different USB cables. Returned the camera yesterday. really thinking about leaving the Fuji family, when they choose not to support webcam functionality in their new cameras which for many currently is an essential tool in their work lives!
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