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  1. I use the 10-24 55-200 and the 18-55 for travel. I been happy using the three lenses, If I go where I also need a low light I take the 16MM 1.4 with my XT-3 aland grip. All fit easily into my think tank bag. My trip to Calif in June will have those three lenses in the bag.
  2. I think this is Fuji shabest lens for portraits.
  3. I have the Xt-3 and ordered the XT30 for my backup camera. I SOLd ALL MY NIKON gear. I had the D850 but the heavy glass and grip made it hard tohaul.
  4. I have both the 16MM and the 10-24. I used the 10-24 for the Gran Canyon and California Santa Monica results and lived it. The 16MM is also terrific. If you shoot wide the 10-24 is greta for street photography the 16MM is awesome which i use more so.
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