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  1. Never mind, I found this. https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/667288-any-software-options-for-camera-control-fuji/ Short answer no! But work-arounds are probably worth it. Brian
  2. Hi. In the Astrophotography world most people end up using software like BackyardEOS or BackyardNikon https://www.otelescope.com/store/category/2-backyardeos/ and others to automate the process. For a deep space session you need may to take 300 x300sec exposures with dark frames and flats. The software manages this from a computer, and then prepares for, or in more extensive packages, begins to, process the shots, stacking them removing noise etc. Despite for years have a crap low noise response sensor Canon has dominated the field due its ease of use with such software.
  3. Same issue here with the 90mm/f2 you just have to make separate exposures each time, and not use the intervalometer. Its a pain.
  4. The only way to tell it to use a Bahtinov mask http://www.deepskywatch.com/Articles/make-bahtinov-mask.html And hope the focus-by-wire wont change on you mid stack. Even when when set to manual focus I have had some issues. If only they make the 90mm with a real manual aperture ring and real focusing.... sigh
  5. The camera came back the second time with the same error!!! Fujifilm has been useless... very disappointed in the way that they have dealt with this issue. Time to swap systems I think... perhaps Sony is a better bet?
  6. Hi I have this issue. There seems to be two types of error... eventually if I let it flicker for ~30 times i get "Lens Error" and then I need to turn it off. There is also a "Lens Control Error" that has been reported. https://www.fuji-x-forum.com/topic/7333-lens-control-error/ With mine its just "Lens Error". Happens with any lens, and these same lenses work fine on my ex3. Once in a while it works fine, but mostly not. I sent the camera back to Fuji (its out of warranty) with a 18/2 attached, and they supposedly disassembled and cleaned the camera lens contacts and
  7. I have just picked up an Xt20 to hopefully replace my Xe2... I'm still going through everything, but I thought I just mention a couple of quick impressions; (BTW I use the primes. In my initial tests the 35/1.4 and the 60 macro. I first of all upgraded the firmware of camera and lenses) Note these a just my first impressions, I am making no real assertions... yet - Don't buy this camera if you are after a massive improvement in RAW IQ. The new sensor is a only a minor upgrade in real world quality I can't really see much difference in my workflow, but hopefully I'll appreciate this more
  8. I'm quite disappointed. In Australia Fuji cameras are way overpriced. The Xpro2 is $A2397 body only (~$US0.75 = $A1.00), and the XT2 has been announced at $2298. sigh...... That is more expensive than a sony a7 (~1000) or a7II (1800). I have used the a7II and it has Fuji covered for image quality, and gives me the option of in body stabilization for my vintage Zeiss and leica lenses, AND the a6300 as a backup. I have the XE2 and most of the primes... but if Fuji doesn't wake up soon ( a much cheaper xt20?) I'll switch to Sony... although I'll miss the 23 and 56
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