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  1. Hmmm... isn't that what you'd expect if the focus area was over the sloping part of the lensalign? Have you moved the area to the left or is it in the middle? And just to check, is the camera in single shot mode ("S" on the front switch) and single point focus mode (not zone or wide/tracking?). What if you try manual focus on the lens align target with focus peaking on... you can use the af-l button to see where the camera thinks focus is... do the peaking highlights work properly? Just thinking of things to try to help understand...
  2. My cat Rivet likes playing in his box...
  3. I'm surprised nobody has posted their thoughts on the X-T20... I've had mine for a few days, so here goes. I'm coming from a X-T10... seemed like an obvious upgrade. The features that attracted me were better sensor, better AF, touch screen. The cameras are physically almost identical... same size, shape and weight, just a couple of minor button changes. I like the form factor so that's great... and any accessories like grips and cases for the X-T10 will fit. The user interface has evolved... instead of the numbered tabs in the menu system things are now organised into themed areas... image quality, AF, flash, movie, camera settings etc. There is also a "my menu" tab where you can add a screenful of items that you choose in the order you like. This is a good idea, but the settings you're allowed to put on there seem unnecessarily restricted (I couldn't add the "sound & flash" setting for example). The viewfinder view is very similar... there are more AF points and more of them are phase detect, which is good. The zone mode areas are now all square (one was a rectangle before). There's a setting for the number of AF points... the default is "plenty" and you can go to "all you can eat"... you'd have to have a very small object or a very particular composition. The LCD screens are the same, including the tilt mechanism, except the new one is touch. When you're shooting, the screen can be used to select an AF point (without focussing), to focus on a point, or to focus on a point and then shoot. You can select the operation on the screen itself by touching a small control area in the top right... it cycles through the options (or disables touch). Touching the screen has no effect when the screen is off... so your nose won't take a picture while you're at the viewfinder! At playback time the touch screen let's you flick between images and zoom in and out with pinching. Double tap zooms to the focus point. There's no way to delete an image by touch, but maybe that helps avoid accidents. It's a small screen, so a bit fiddly compared to a phone. The menu system or the quick menu don't respond to touch... so maybe it's not as integrated as it could be. One of the function buttons has gone, but the movie button is now a general purpose function button. You can assign these in the menu system or by a long press. The four direction buttons can be used for four functions or for directly moving the focus point. Both the control dials act as buttons too by pressing them... the rear one does "focus check" by default but you can assign it to something else if you like. The front one does very little by default and annoyingly you can't assign it (other way round on the X-T10... front is assignable and rear is fixed for focus check). That's perhaps the most annoying thing so far. I haven't done any "proper" side by side tests... and I haven't explored the effect of the various image quality settings (sharpness, noise reduction etc), but I expect I will. The JPEGs seem to be around 11-12Mb and the raw files (now compressed!) are 25-30Mb. 24Mpixel gives lots of scope for cropping... here's a picture of the moon taken handheld with the 55-200 lens. So, I can't believe I'm the only X-T20 user here... I'd like to hear your thoughts. And a question... does anyone know if it's safe to use the old batteries, or should I only use the W126S version? Mark
  4. When I saw the subject I thought of the Canon EF-S 15-85... a great walk about lens.
  5. Umm, there isn't a PASM dial.... the mode is implied by setting the shutter speed or the aperture (or both) to auto or not like most other X cameras. There is a drive mode dial that gives easy access to shooting speed, filters, bracketing, panorama and a double exposure feature. And there's an auto switch that enables a built in game where the camera takes a picture and you have to guess how it did it
  6. I think you're right, but not available yet. I'll be using it with the 55-200 at the weekend, so I think I'll appreciate the need
  7. Well, wex say they have dispatched it... so this time tomorrow I could be learning my new camera!
  8. I hope you got what you wanted Ben. I've just ordered one from wex where they seem to have both bodies in stock. Fingers crossed for a Friday delivery!
  9. Maybe easier to control (for some) with your eye to the viewfinder?
  10. The 27mm lens doesn't have an aperture ring at all, so you already control the aperture with a command dial. Not sure if you can choose which command dial does what if your camera has two dials... my camera only has one.
  11. That's not quite right... if the checksums are different then the files are different, but if the checksums are the same then the files are not necessarily the same. You should just compare the files...
  12. I'm right there with you Ben... my LCE (London Camera Exchange) are expecting some "any day now" and will ring me, so I'm on standby I was hoping to get it before the Formula E motor racing in London at the weekend...
  13. *sigh*... I haven't found anywhere with stock in the UK yet.
  14. Well, no dispatch notice yesterday and at 3am on delivery day an email saying "Sorry, unexpectedly out of stock" and a 3-5 week estimate. So much for impulse buying... back to plan A.
  15. I rang my local camera shop and they didn't seem sure... and said the end of the month. I looked on Amazon (UK) and they say the 18th June (tomorrow). So I ordered from Amazon... It says they will dispatch it today for delivery tomorrow... so I'm quite excited! But will it really happen? Does anybody know anything different? Mark
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