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  1. You can download it on pc. It was not possible in 2019, now you can.
  2. Totally agree about everything you said. They should pay more attention (I mean fuji) to the remote settings this bluetooth stuff and the fact that other companies like Apple, Xiaomi and others could ake it better.
  3. Lightroom for me is the best software to edit my raw pics
  4. When it comes to ergonomics (ISO selector apart!), compactness, autofocus speed, and accuracy, choice of lenses and overall image quality, the Fuji X-Pro2 proved to be outstanding...for me. Also, Fuji should really work closer with post-processing software teams from Adobe, Capture One and others in order to improve compatibility with its RAW images.
  5. Hi everyone! My name is George and I am new here. Last summer I became the owner of the new Fujifilm X-T30 and didn't thought about registering on this forum until my friend Mark suggested me. So here I am!
  6. As I understood you need a program where you can create a slideshow from your photos. Is it wright? If it is then any of video editing software will be enough for this, I personally used Movavi once https://movavi.io/, when it was my grandma's birthday. I made her a present by collecting all the photos of her and me and created a lovely slideshow. She was more than satisfied.
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